Postcards and such

The cards are on their way
They are on their way …

See that picture?
Well I shed a tear when I left them in the red mailbox on Broadway (London, SW1) this morning because they were good company, but hearing the amount of giggles that came out of the mailbox I know they look forward to travel to you.

See those stamps? When I went to the post office on Portobello Road and asked for other stamps than the standard Liz ones, he said they were sold out. I said – do you know what they are for? He said no. I showed him the cards. He said – ah – we do have some left. And I said – I knew you would.

So – nice stamps for you.

I don’t know how long it will take them but let me know when they have arrived safely. They are travelling all over the world, which brings me to the next card that arrived in my mailbox yesterday:

Love is all around the world, Actually

I love it, it’s wonderful, and very symbolic.

Other news:
Still struggling with the December short, which has turned into a bit of a behind the scenes drama which is worth making a short film about in itself. I don’t have very high hopes that it is going to work out.

I am looking for a bicycle or the like for the 24/25th of December. London completely (completely!) shuts down its public transport on the 25th of December and I am supposed to get to my centre to work the afternoon shift! I don’t mind walking, just not at 11pm in the night after a long day of work.

The Vertical Hour comes to London, Bill is not in it, but the person who will play Bill’s part was in The Girl In The Cafe film, which is a nice coincidence. His name is Anton Lesser, and he played George (one of Lawrence’s colleagues) in the film. However, I have decided not to go and see it and in that way leave my memories of how the play is supposed to be – intact.

State of Play – the boooh-vie – has, after Brad Pitt stepped out, now also lost Edward Norton. They replaced him with Ben Affleck. Who? Exactly. Disaster – and that’s what you get when you mess about and don’t cast the excellent British cast of the TV series for this to begin with.

I bought a ticket for the Oxfam charity screening of Varakai (Cirque du Soleil) for Friday the 25th January 2008 at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Looking forward to it, and it feels even better knowing that a big share of the money goes to Oxfam.

8 thoughts to “Postcards and such”

  1. Do you have X-mas stamps in the UK like we have here in Holland?
    Shutting down the public transport will probably result in a ‘world-wide traffic jam’. If you can’t get hold of a bike, maybe you can find some rollerskates instead…
    I saw CdS on TV lately. It’s quite different from the circuses (Is this the way to spell it?) I went to when I was just a boy (age-wise that is, I’m still a boy at heart).

  2. I am looking forward to the giggling in my letter box! Your card is on its way now, too. A little belated, but I bribed the stage coach driver and gave the coach horses an extra carrot each, and they’ll try to make it to the coast in no time. If the sea isn’t too stormy, there’s hope they will arrive in London in time to deliver the card before Christmas.

  3. No we don’t have xmas stamps here like in the Netherlands, that would be nice!

    The public transport stop on the 25th is very annoying indeed, you are basically stuck from going anywhere in London. I haven’t found a bik yet, anything on wheels would do really. Worst case scenario is that I stay home on the 25th. But maybe I can find someone who can give me a lift on the 24th when I am there.

    Cirque du Soleil is not a traditional circus, I have seen them before and really like their shows, they are very fairy tale like.

    And I wish you hadn’t remembered … :-)

    Generally to all you postcard-ers : there is no rush! I like them coming in one at the time, it makes it all last longer :)

  4. I was wondering how you liked Varakai, since you made no mention of it in any of your later posts?
    I’ve noticed a lot of promotional posters popping up in Amsterdam, and might consider going there with the boyfriend. I love all kinds of shows (and most artsy things, actually) but if it’s too “abstract” I don’t think I’ll like it that much. Is it mostly acrobatics or are there other things involved as well?

  5. Ehrm, I was not blown away by Varekai to be honest. Mind you I have seen several of their shows, so I might be a bit spoiled, but I feel a bit like – once you have seen one, you have seen them all, as even though the stage looks different and there are different performers, the newness of it was gone for me.

    That’s my personal opinion, other people might think something completely different! It is mostly acrobats, but there are some other performances as well.

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