A card a day

New York cab
The Christmas period seem to have started in the blogosphere, blogs are on a temporary hold, very few emails come in and it is generally just quiet.

So I am very happy with the postcard project because what a great project this is. There has been a new card every day I got home which is great. They are all very different but they are all very creative and beautiful!

The one I got yesterday I titled: Love Actually in Paris. It’s a great picture and there is no doubt that it is all about love, actually.

I am going around with an idea to take this project a step further but that needs some organizing so I’ll need to think about it for a bit.

Remember to watch the Extras Christmas special at 9pm on BBC2 tonight NEXT thursday the 27th that is. (If you can catch the BBC on your telly that is).

8 thoughts to “A card a day”

  1. I’m thinking of quiting my blog altogether. I haven’t got any inspiration. Maybe after my upcoming trip…
    The new postcard is great indeed. Being at the right place at the right time.
    Extra Christmas Special on Beeb 2? I don’t know the Buzzcocks, but I might have a try tonight.

  2. Extras (you know Ricky G.’s Extras) xmas special on the beebs tonight is what I meant to say.

    And if I don’t catch you before – have a great trip to Egypt! It will, without a doubt, be warmer there than it is in London at the moment. :)

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