To protect and to serve

Metropolitan Chief Inspector Kenneth
Metropolitan Chief Inspector Kenneth, such a serious man

(He sure does remind me of someone)

It is getting closer to the 25th and I still had a problem to solve: how to get to my afternoon shift when there is no public transport whatsoever in London that day.

My last and desperate option was calling one of my contacts. So that’s what I did.

I called Metropolitan Chief Inspector Kenneth and explained him the situation.
“A serious problem indeed. Stay on the line.”
He disappeared for a while.
“Good. Metropolitan Chief Inspector Dan will call you this afternoon to make arrangements.”
“What? Arrangements for what?” I said.
“Arrangements to pick you up and to escort you to your centre. And he will work on your shift that day.”
“Wow. Does he live close to where I live?”
“He lives in North London.”
“That’s about the other side of where I live …”
“Does that matter?”
“No I guess not, it’s just, that he has to drive all the way through London to pick me up then”.
“Well. To protect and to serve. It’s what we do.”.
“I see. I don’t know what to say..”
“I think Merry Christmas is appropriate”.
“Merry Christmas … and..”
“Seeing as Christmas seems to be all around ….”

Ha. It is indeed.

2 hours later I got a phone call from Metropolitan Chief Inspector Dan (*). He’ll pick me up from Parliament Square on the 25th. His voice on the phone was nearly as voicilicious as Metropolitan Chief Inspector Kenneth’s and I wondered if coppers get hired on their voiciliciousness. More importantly – will he wear a bobby hat? Probably not, but it is incredibly nice that he is willing to do this. I bought him a box of some really good Belgian chocolates as a thank you.

I have the impression that a lot of very nice people are going to volunteer these days and I look forward to meet them.

I received another love, actually card today and this one really made me laugh: Love and a cat, actually. (Really only one card again today, how did you plan that?)

Tomorrow I’ll have a production meeting for the December short, so more news on that soon too.

Have a nice weekend.

(*) OK his real name is not Dan but he truly is a Metropolitan Chief Inspector!

5 thoughts to “To protect and to serve”

  1. Great to see you laugh! Voicilicious coppers driving all the way through London to pick you up..what charity can do for you :-)

  2. Now that is incredible … I wish we had police like this here. Now I can’t imagine who this man reminds you of. No, nope, I simply can’t!!!!

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