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Arthur and Slartibartfast
Arthur and Slartibartfast

You have to be a very sad person to do this but I twittered The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy live from my mobile phone while watching it on BBC2 yesterday. That’s really sad.

(I know, too-much-bill alert. No Bill pic tomorrow, I promise. I think.)

I know that there aren’t many people who love this ingenious film. The argument everybody comes up with when I talk about this film is: yes but have you seen the BBC series in the 80’s. And I haven’t. For me the characters from Douglas Adams’ book are the characters walking around in the film version. Martin Freeman will always be Arthur Dent, Alan Rickman will be Marvin, Moz Def will be Ford and Sam Rockwell is Zaphod. And hey, this film has both Kelly MacDonald and Bill Nighy in it. What more do you want? Slartibartfast is also just about the coolest character in the whole movie.

There are so many subtle and stupid and silly and daft jokes. British humour at its best, I love this film. I don’t care what other people say about it. I get insanely happy when I hear the banjo play. And I love 42.

There is only one thing I disagree with, when it comes to the guide, and that is this:
This is what the guide has to say about love: Avoid if at all possible.

Ignore that.

Today we spent 5 hours drawing a story board for our short. We might have a composer. We might have some actors. We might just pull it off. And it feels like I am experiencing one of the most interesting Christmas times of my life.

Here is my twitter history, which, to make it more daft, needs to be read from the bottom and up.

girlinthecafe: So long and thanks for all the fish. Awesome film.
girlinthecafe: Don’t go anywhere without your towel.
girlinthecafe: Marvin saves Earth mark 2.
girlinthecafe: The point of view gun saves the day.
girlinthecafe: Vogon attack.
girlinthecafe: I’d rather be happy than right.
girlinthecafe: Wow that planet factory.
girlinthecafe: Always sharply dressed.
girlinthecafe: And hello Slartibartfast. Where have you been?
girlinthecafe: The sperm whale.
girlinthecafe: This is what the guide has to say about love: Avoid if at all possible.
girlinthecafe: ZZ9 Plural C Alpha
girlinthecafe: Magrathea.
girlinthecafe: The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is: 42.
girlinthecafe: Deep Thought.
girlinthecafe: Trillian.
girlinthecafe: The Pangalactic Gargle Blaster.
girlinthecafe: Zaphod Beeblebrox.
girlinthecafe: Life? Don’t talk to me about life.
girlinthecafe: Vogsphere.
girlinthecafe: The Improbabillity Drive.
girlinthecafe: Mind boggling.
girlinthecafe: Don’t Panic.
girlinthecafe: And the banjo plays!

5 thoughts to “THHGTTG – in twitter”

  1. Twitter sounds like fun – your conversation was good to read. I like banjos too, especially with mandolin.

    It sounds as if your Christmas project is taking shape … and you will be able to pull it off!

    I just finished watching ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and thought of you. We made sugar cookies today and Lytton managed to scarf a few off the counter. Now he’s snoring …

  2. I did the same thing for each song when Radiohead released ‘In Rainbows’ this year. And again for the bonus CD that came with the discbox. I think all music reviews should be done in 140 characters, really.

  3. @Kate: your dog is lovely and beautiful. I love his innocent look. If he lived closer I would cast him for my short!

    @Anne: Yay! The DVD or the book? (Both are great)

    @pauldwaite: I sometimes really like the challenge of saying things in only 140 characters. It makes you think.

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