Hello I am still here

Storyboarding, tea, coffee and a cake
Storyboarding, a film in the making

But I am too busy to write! Busy with film making that is, so good busy.

A short sum up of the past couple of days:

While in the middle of serving a Christmas dinner to close to 200 people, the fire alarm went off in the centre. There was no fire, but it wasn’t great timing.

Metropolitan Chief Inspector Dan was really very nice!

I finished my shifts, and am now enjoying some free days.

Or free is maybe not the right word.
Today I spent 12 hours in a row (OK we had a quick let’s-grab-a-bite-to-eat hour or so) working on our upcoming short and I am learning so much about the film making process.

We turned our hand drawn story board in to some sort of animated slide show. This way we get a feel of how long scenes need to be and in what order they should appear in. We recorded the dialogue and added it to it too so we now have a pretty good idea of how the film is going to be.

We are looking at actors for 4 different parts now and will soon plan our shooting dates.

All this work for a 60 second film. Sounds insane doesn’t it? Well it might be, but wait until you see the final product. It is necessary to story board this, as so much will happen in 60 seconds, it will be impossible to shoot it without a proper planning. This is another great opportunity to gain more experience, and I have learned loads which will be used when I will shoot my long short, later this year. This is a so much better way to learn than film school.

The film has to be done by the 18th of January.

We have decided to just go and win the competition (you can’t win anything important but eternal fame), then quit our jobs and go make a feature film after this. OK I was kidding about winning it, but it’s the dream, dream scenario. I am starting to like film making more and more and I want to do more and more of it.

Currently watching Serendipity. Saw it on DVD yesterday, today ITV sends it on the telly. Typical. But I love this film.
I need to catch some sleep, tomorrow at 11am we will continue our work. As the next meeting takes place in my place, I need to de-clutterize my room a bit, maybe remove a bit of Bill here and there (no I won’t), and generally, make it nice.

I have 3 Christmas cards (one more came in today) waiting to be added to the gallery. I will add them as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow!

And another of today’s highlights:
I have been driving (as a passenger though) through the heart of London in a blue Trabant (I am pretty sure it was this particular one!), the coolest car on the planet.

9 thoughts to “Hello I am still here”

  1. I loved ‘Persuaded’, and now can’t wait for this one – it sounds exciting and I’ve no idea what it’s even about. Keep it up!

  2. Well I can reveal that it is going to be action packed from start to finish. And it will (hopefully) be funny. And I will tell more about it when we get further into the project.

  3. @My film partner is the owner of the Trabant, and we have been driving in it :)

    If you hang on and wait for our film to be finished (18th of January), you might be in for a surprise :)

  4. This made me so happy to read … you sound full of good, creative energy and your cards are gorgeous. I will be awaiting the short. Things are going so well! Yay for Ingrid!

    I love the Trabant … I hope you keep on with your film partner so you always have access to this car. It’s adorable and what a lovely colour!!

  5. Just came back from Trabant-city Berlin (it was great, again!) I love the way you talk about your new project, Ingrid.

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