The year that passed

Sparkling New York
Sparkling New York – I. Love. It.

I love to summarize my year in 24 words, so here we go:

Bill. New York. The Girl in the Cafe. Cafe closure. Trains. Short films. Wrote feature. Love. Actually. Inspired. Job. Travel. Dreams. Realisations. Collaborations. London.

A quick look through my year makes me happy, I am glad I have written it down because I would not have remembered all the things that have happened in 2007. I have had a wonderful year with a lot of unexpected twists of fate.

I tried to get over my after-New-York-Bill-Nighy-in-the-Vertical-Hour depression mostly and saw a lot of movies. One of them being a 4 hour long Indian version of Love Actually
But my favourite post : The Vertical Hour, a review and a simple twist of fate

This was the month where I decided to make the journey of a lunatic. And the month where Bill mentioned The Girl’s travelling project in an interview. The month where the temperatures in Siberia and Mongolia where low! A month with a visit to my Cafe, and the uncertainty of actually getting on my Trans Mongolian train.

Arriving in Beijing, being knocked out by another performance of the master, a peek inside the Transmongolian train, a Love New York poem that still stands and, of course, ???????? ??????.

The month of 75.000 teacups on Trafalgar Square, being one of the 5000 coconuts cloppers on Trafalgar Square and Dancing on Victoria station.

The new job I left my IT career after 20 years, Pirates III in the cinema (the beginning of the obsession with this film), a visit to wonderful Edinburgh

Bill in Tanzania, I saw POTC III for the 10th time, I passed a railway safety course and tried (in vain) to get into a writing course. Looking back, I am glad I didn’t get into this particular one.

I went to Brighton to volunteer for Oxfam and made a film kind of thingy about seagulls, the Tour de France visited London, and I setup a poll to vote for the book that Bill should read next for Silksoundbooks. He listened.

Forty-two minus one, pre-production for my 10 minutes short, I did a photography course.

Apart from a concert with The Police in Twickenham, this was the month where I said goodbye to my dear Cafe and contributed a bit to a documentary about the place. And the month where I had the courage to ask Lorenzo to sign my DVD. It was a sad month, and I still miss my Cafe enormously.

The month where I bought new shoes, saw the best play of 2007: Shadowlands, shot my first short short, saw a lot of British actors on stage (but not him) in Music from the Movies in the Royal Albert Hall.

The month where: I did a podcast, I had dinner with Charley Cox in Notting Hill, my feature script was taking shape, I visited New York again.

Our short movie got its premiere online, received a lot of Love, Actually postcards, made a plan to not dread December, it was several peoples birthday, I got very busy producing my second short.

It has been a crazy year now that I look back at it. If you would have told me a year ago that, by now, I would –
have made my first short short
be producing my second short short film
have written a first draft for a feature film
have visited places like Edinburgh, Moscow, Beijing and New York(twice)
have experienced another couple of Vertical Hours

– I would have said you where bonkers. But it somehow all happened. I have good hope for this upcoming short. Not only is it going to be great, I also hope it ends in further collaboration on future projects.

And regarding 2008 – I don’t know what is going to happen. I am not really planning anything in particular I will take it as it comes and will try to grab opportunities as they come along. Apart from that I will try to do a great deal of writing, will try to remain this silly and creative and generally just make the best of it. What else can you do?

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  1. It has been a good year and it’s great to read a review! It’s funny how it jogged my memory as well as yours! After a bit of a dodgy time I made a promise to myself a few years back that each year will be better than the last… so bring it on! :) im also thinking i have to write my blog more often… :)

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