Ready to shoot

If you wonder why it is be a bit quiet down here, I am busy with the short. Yesterday I was home at 2.30am (yes that’s in the middle of the night, and thank you London for having 24 Hour bus services) and I just came home from another long day of preparing.

We are as ready as we can be for the actors who will come tomorrow and Sunday.

Just to mention some of the things I have done today (apart from another bunch of laughter attacks):

I bought fortune cookies in China Town. We need one as a prop.

We bought 3 toy guns for about £1.50 each. None of them was black, so we bought spray paint too and now they are.

We lighted the Trabant (while it was being dark outside) with 12 volts Ikea halogen spots directly connected to the Trabi battery. (don’t say girls can’t be inventive, we are the new McGyver!)

We practised jumping on the front of the Trabi (carefully!) in the pouring rain.

We created a Chinese restaurant, an office and a lab in the same room.

We bought a lot of food so we can keep our actors happy during the weekend.

We bought a white overall.

Two extremely long days lay ahead of us, and I am sure that by Monday I will be absolutely knackered and emptied for any energy. I can’t take the day off (I did today) because at work it is starting to get really busy now. So I wonder how I survive all this.
After Sunday we take a little bit of rest before we go into editing mode.

It has been the most time consuming insane mad daft quirky bonkers project I have ever worked on. But all the actors seem to be very eager to be in it, and I hope that the end product will live up to every body’s expectations.

I need some sleep now. Call time tomorrow: we will start at 7.30am, and have 11.5 hour of shooting planned. I hate standing up that early, but it is all for the greater good!

I haven’t been in the cinema for ages and miss writing on my feature enormously, but hey, this is an experience I won’t easily forget.

I am so little at home that I don’t really have time to respond to emails and comments or show you all the beautiful cards I have received. I will do as soon as I am back to a more normal daily routine again!

Have a nice weekend!

6 thoughts to “Ready to shoot”

  1. This weekend will be great fun – the early and long hours will be worth it. I hope you’ve got some photographs of practicing jumping off the Trabant!

    Thinking of you – enjoy! The memories will be wonderful.

  2. You survive all this because… you are brilliant, that’s why!! :) Enjoy your short-making for now – looking forward to hear all about it! :)

  3. You survive all this because… you are brilliant, that’s why!! :) Enjoy your short-making for now – looking forward to hearing all about it! :)

  4. (oops, sorry about the double comment – I seem to have forgotten my English over the holidays and was changing ‘hear’ to ‘hearing’, but then two comments were posted… those perfectionist people, tsk, tsk…)

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