Short film – Shoot day I

I was home at 10.30pm. Yay! That means that I can get a close to normal night sleep.

We were all very tired today, which was noticable in the lack of laughter outbursts, but maybe that was for the better, having the actors around. And things went very well. It was clear weather, cold but with sunshine which was perfect.

It’s pure magic to see a pencil drawing we made a bit more than a week ago come to life in front of you. It makes all the hard work worth while, and it makes you forget how tired you really am. The actors were amazing, they all delivered great performances and we have been very lucky getting them on board.

There are some fantastic scenes (I think) and sometimes it’s a pity we only have 60 seconds to show it in. The good thing is that we are learning a lot which can all be used on any possible next projects.

I will take some still pictures tomorrow and if the actors are OK with it – will post some of them here. I am sure you can see which film we are making, and why!

Time for bed. Call time tomorrow: 8am. Location: Toothing Bec.

A last (long) day of shooting.

One thought to “Short film – Shoot day I”

  1. Good luck today with shooting the last scenes, I wished I could look over your shoulder today ;o-))

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