The rewrite – the breakup

To rewrite
In a cinema near you in 2012 (yeah – keep dreaming)

This is what it looked like (because it has changed now), a part of the break up scene in my feature, a scene I have been struggling with for a while. I think I nailed it now but let’s hear what Sam says next weekend. The list with things to fix in the script is still quite long and it is going to be a weekend of hard work again.

I have found a cafe close to Piccadilly which seems to be suitable to become a cafe for the girl in the cafe – until I find something better. It is far from as cool as the New Piccadilly but in stead of staying angry and sad about the loss of that place I have decided to move on and use this one, until something better pops up. The tea is OK, and they have proper seats and tables to write at.

See that pink pen? I bought it a week or two ago because I liked the colour. I started to use it to mark stuff in my script and was so pleased with the visibility of the pink colour in between the black text that I more or less raced back to the shop and bought a whole stock of those pens. I simply need a pink pen to make notes in a script now and I realize that that might sound completely bonkers to you but I guess every writer has his or her specific tics.

In about an hour from now we have a meeting with a special effects company in Soho. They are profs and their show reel is amazing and normally they only do paid work. However they did like our 60 seconds script a lot and invited us over for a meeting to decide if they are going to help us out with some special effects and maybe some animation. We are not counting on anything – but cross your fingers for us. If they say yes – the special effects in our film are going to be incredible. If they say no we have a plan B. It’s always good to have a plan B.

Enjoy your weekend.

9 thoughts to “The rewrite – the breakup”

  1. I love the pink pen! That makes perfect sense to me – but consider the source. I have a rather large pen collection. I was reading the bits of the breakup scene and now I’m just getting more curious by the moment. 2012 sounds too faraway. I think it will be quicker than that!

    All appendages crossed for the special effects … I hope it works out!

  2. Yes pink seems less obtrusive than red, even though I love red as a colour.

    And I am a pen-o-holic too, I admit it. The script – well my hopes of it getting made ever are low, the statistics aren’t really uplifting for scripts. But I really enjoy the writing though.

  3. And…what did they say? Can and will they make you (and us) happy?
    Have a great weekend, Ingrid!

  4. @Anne – they are thinking about it. I am not sure what is going to happen, my gut feeling tells me they won’t do it but let’s wait and see. If they will do some of it it will be fantastic.

    @pedro – you are right, there is this contrast between a harsh scene and a colour like this. The rest of the script is fairly uplifting though!

  5. @grigorisgirl – I never have plans for life either, but with things like making films, unfortunately, you sometimes do need plans :)

  6. hey there – I completly understand about having MUSTS while writing.

    V5 pilot pens is it for me. And while reading, a mechanical pencil with enough postits to put two a page (though I only end up putting one or two). I also wont speak with people who highlight in books. Illegal!

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