Inside my head

Great. Typical.

Before you start – I know that you write SCRIPT with a T in the end. I think this really stresses the point of this post: memory overload.

I promise, that soon, when I have cleaned up a bit in my head, I will write some proper posts again. Maybe. Probably.

In the mean time listen to this beautiful piece of music.
It is film music. Of course it is, it’s from Serendipity and it is magical.

It’s called January Rain (it is by David Gray) which is a pretty appropiate title if you live in London.


7 thoughts to “Inside my head”

  1. You have many things on the go and your prioriities straight – just don’t stop writing posts, even if they are short. I love your pink ink and illustrations. I was really pleased to see that your rom-com script, version 8, is ready to be sent out. I hope you had a bit of a celebration! I was staying at my parents, while BenoĆ®t’s papa was visiting here from Ottawa. I felt as if I was a teenager all over again!

  2. Thank you so much, that was a beautiful music indeed… perfect to begin a January rainy day :)

    And an image really is worth a thousand words – do take some rest asap! But, in the meantime, congratulations for achieving all that!!

  3. My heart was allready making leaps and thanks to that beautiful music it’s growing bigger now too ;o)

    Don’t stop writing posts; we love memo’s too you know !

  4. “Very tall lanky gentleman, long coat, umbrella, suitcase, the right shoes and a fedora hat. In the tube this morning. Good day, sunshine!”

    I wish I’d come across one (or more) of those more often. They’re so rare nowadays. I wonder if they’re on some kind of endangered species list (if not, they probably should be!).

  5. @Kate: I feel a bit lost now that I can’t touch my script for a week. But it is good to relax a bit now. I hope it was the good side of being teenager! :)

    @Jill- you are welcome! And thank you – it really is not a tough job to do – the writing – yes it does cost a lot of time, but if you love it as much as I do it is no burden at all. Am considering (very early stages though) to work less and write more.

    @Annerie: I love that song too. And memo’s are OK too you say – good I’ll remember that !

    @Grigorisgirl: it is rather windy and rainy her too, I don’t really mind the weather though, it’s nice to be inside when the weather is like this. Watching a movie or listening to music! (I love that nose by the way :)

    @Michele – you win the price for cutest avatar!

    And I appreciate every single one of those tall-lanky-gentleman-long coat-umbrella-suitcase-tthe right shoes-and-a-fedora-hat type of men I can tell you. :) Just wait and see.

  6. Excellent song for a day like this! It is very rainy here too, and guess who will have head wind for the next 10 kms on her bicycle route from work to home?!

    David Gray has such a beautiful voice. It reminds me, however, of that beautifully sunny day not too long ago, when one of his tunes played as I had to say farewell to my cousin – my partner-in-mischief of my childhood. It is awful to ‘say hello wave goodbye’ to someone who died at the age of only 29.

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