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  1. Drawing is good =) I quite like it, and it’s almost insiring me to post something on my blog. I need to be more frequest in posting this year. I’m off to see Dan tonight with my boy. I’m hoping it’s a good one! The last two movies I’ve made him sit through were less then good. =)

  2. I love your drawings, too! And I take it as a surplus if they are accompanied by a line or two (or thirty-three) if you have time, leisure, and inspiration.

    D.I.R.L. cinema start is on March, 20 over here. I have a fix rendezvous with my husband who promised to come along after watching the trailer.

  3. Well this is again a true story. When I booked a ticket yesterday, and they swiped my Cineworld card, I looked at their screen and could see a list of films I have watched using this card popping up. Needless to say that I felt the need to go incognito after that.

    @Pedro : very good one!

    @Zazz – or forty-two?
    And – I really hope you like the film now, because it would be embarrassing if you end up hating it after all my overobsessed talk about it. There is no way you don’t like the music in it though it is lovely.

    @Jaci – thank you. I am flattered by the exclamation point (!) :-)

    @grigorisgirl- I am sure you would, I am as predictable as the weather in London.

    @Anna: I hope both you and your boy like it! Very good date though movie (and that comes from the girl who has been single for years so don’t take my opinion seriously at all).

    (I mixed up the order of your names on purpose – it makes it all more exiting to read doesn’t it?)

  4. Haha.. :-) (sorry, busy day) I have some interesting short films. Will send them to you if you like.

  5. Somehow frightening, the way ones moves are recorded.
    Bet you already have featured in many movies made throughout London.
    But sometimes webcams can be fun.
    Like this one: every day at noon a picture is stored, watch the seasons change.
    Amazing how the tide changes just over a couple of days.

  6. @Mark: it’s just a matter of sitting down and do it! I love those handwritten blogs by the way! And also – drawing or writing a handwritten blog post is very relaxing.

    @Joachim – I don’t really care to be honest. Interesting website that!

    @Anne: thank you!

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