6 thoughts to “Things on my desk at work”

  1. Oh wow. That must have taken you quite some time, especially the keyboard and notebook. Such detail. :O

  2. It didn’t take that long really. But it is fun to do.

    The keyboard – my 7 year old niece could have done a better job there :-)

  3. It’s a good thing that you mentioned that your todo-list now has film titles on it, otherwise you must ‘do the man in the elevator’. ;)

  4. Your drawings are amazing Ingrid. I like the empty teacup plus filofax the best.

    happy weekend and hopefully you are enjoying another viewing of DIRL!

  5. @Anna : me too :-)

    @Pedro: oh if only you knew how tempted I am to write something I really shouldn’t write. :-)

    @Kate: I just did another viewing of DIRL after a long day in screen writing class. Watching Dan focusses me on the kind of film I would love to make.

    Enjoy your weekend too!

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