The Good Night – a rom dep and D.I.R.L: 6

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OK, The Good Night

Lorenzo (owner of the now closed THE Cafe) already told me about this movie a year ago, they had shot a short sequence in his cafe. That was reason enough for me to see it. Bonus was that both Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg are in it too. Two of the funniest actors in Britain in one film. Surely that would guarantee a funny rom-com.

Surely I can be wrong about things sometimes, as this is the first Rom-Dep I have ever seen. I have never been this depressed watching a wannabe rom-com, it wasn’t funny at all and I haven’t seen any real romance either. What a crap script. What a crap movie!

And then I wonder – how the hell did it get made? Who puts money in crap like that? And than you read that it is written and directed by Jake Paltrow, which is indeed the brother of, and Gwenneth was in this film too. And I thought – shit – I wish I knew someone famous, because then I would be making my film next year.

So fully depressed I left Screen 6, and walked directly into Screen 5 where I injected myself with instant feel-goodness. Yep, find your pen and mark it up – Dan in Real Life – viewing number 6 was a fact.

I have just heard a first version of our 60 seconds film soundtrack and wow, it sounds quite cool. It needs a bit of adjusting but it is going to be a great thing to have a soundtrack tailor made for our short short.

I am in the middle of a screen writing class weekend. My script hasn’t been analyzed yet (will be tomorrow) but during the 30 minutes we had to stand outside because of a fire alarm, my tutor told me that it has moved a million miles (in the right direction) from my first version. Just hearing that is enough to keep me going with this script. That and the fact that I truly love my story.

Have a great weekend too.

4 thoughts to “The Good Night – a rom dep and D.I.R.L: 6”

  1. There was no way you could have passed up DIRL 6 after watching a depressing movie. That makes perfect sense. It’s too bad that who you knows matters more sometimes than whether or not the material is any good.

    I love your drawing … I’d happily carry that one around. Thankfully no one is counting the number of scarves I’ve made this winter … you’d know for sure that I am one dotty woman.

    I hope tomorrow goes well in screenwriting class. What a great comment from your instructor. That’s motivation enough to keep on working on your script!

  2. Why go to a depressing movie in the first place. Though IMDB says 6.4 out of 10, don’t trust them. I mostly rely on before going to the cinema.
    So your tutor was pleased about the script. That’s always nice to hear. When can you start filming and are there any policemen in it? ;)

  3. @Kate: well thanks for your kind words. there is still a million miles to go with my script but with one step at the time …

    @Pedro: Of course I had to see it, the Cafe was in it, it is British and it was supposed to be a rom-com! (And I try to learn from bad films too).

    And secondly – I don’t need websites to tell me how films are and if I should see them. Everybody has his or her opinion about every single film, it’s such a personal thing, so I don’t let reviewers tell me what I should see and what not. Not the least because I very often disagree with them.

    My script, well it is not finished yet. It will take a couple of months more.

    But when it is I can start filming when I accomplish one of the following:
    1. win a insanely big amount in the lottery so I can fund it
    2. win the heart of a very rich man and convince him to fund my film
    3. convince a producer to fund it

    No, no police men in this one either :-) But there are some lovely other people in it I can tell you.

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