Bill Posters will be CCTVed

OK, not a lot of time, so – memo style post with lovely picture.

  1. I am quite shocked by the sudden death of actor Heath Ledger (28). He was extraordinary in Brokeback Mountain.
  2. Where are we with the 60 second action feature you wonder? Well after another long night of mad movie making on Yorkshire tea the milky way, chocolate and pizza we are quite hopeful. I found myself moving a mini Trabant on a kebab stick in front of a green screen at 11.30 pm yesterday. How’s that for being a film maker.
    We nearly have a picture lock, which means that all the timings in the film are locked. Which also means that the sound track composer can compose his music on the exact second. Timing is a huge issue in a short like this. And being very creative in the edit is a huge issue too. I think we are doing fine. We need a break after this but rest assured that we will return with a new project to work on.
  3. There is a networking evening tonight where writers meet producers. I don’t want to go (being shy and self conscious) but I am going to force myself to go. While I tried to convince Sam that I had nothing to offer – he convinced me that I had – I had a first draft of a feature script, which is more than all the people saying they are writers without having written a complete script ever. So OK then, I have my feature script. And I will have to actively go and talk with people I don’t know, and tell them about it. Scaring the willies out of me that does.
  4. I will try to prepare a short run through of the story in stead of the several hours (felt like) session Bloglily had to go through.
  5. I will tell them about my Cookie short too, you never know.
  6. I will see if I can talk to some female producers as they might be more interested in a rom-com than male ones.
  7. I have a big stack of red business cards with me which, beside my address and website info carry the tag line of TGITC “Love can’t change what’s wrong in the world, but it’s a start”. How’s that for a rom-com writer.
  8. I’ll let you know how it went. It’s a first time for me on an event like this, so I don’t expect anything at all to happen. But making contacts is good and necessary in the film industry. Without it you don’t get anywhere at all.
  9. Bloglily called me good looking and my script “marvelous”. I didn’t pay her to say that. Does it encourage me – yes it does, the marvelous script bit. The good looking bit I don’t believe.
  10. I have such an insane week this week that I don’t have time for a cinema visit at all. I was happy to read that DIRL won’t disappear from the cinemas just yet, it has just been extended for a week. Good. As there is no Bill film in sight in the very near future (I truly miss him) Dan is getting me through January without going completely insane.
  11. Go on then, CCTV me.
  12. I hope you are well out there too.

10 thoughts to “Bill Posters will be CCTVed”

  1. I’d only seen Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain but i think he did a wonderful job. Such a short life.

    Good luck with all your film work. I so admire you as I am at this very moment trying to get a clip I recorded off the tv onto a file then on to YouTube and am pulling my hair out over a simple litte job like that (well somebody told me it was simple but they lied)

  2. You better believe it, Ingrid. It’s ALL true. And I can tell, because I had the pleasure meeting you :-)
    Good luck at the meeting. Overwhelm them!

  3. The circumstances in which he died were suspicious to say the least. But a yet another great actor is gone. I can’t imagine why he has chosen to end his life this way. On the other hand I can’t wait to see the new Batman with Heath as the Joker.
    A kebab stick to move a toy car? Two questions: wouldn’t it be simpler to use fishing wire and was the kebab finished before shooting the scene?

  4. 1. And he was so cute and funny in ‘A Night’s Tale’. I was (and still am) shocked, too. And sad.

    3-8. How did it go? Did you talk to any (female) producers? Nancy Meyers hasn’t been there by any chance?

    I know, this is completely off topic: A couple of days ago, I heard a new song on the radio. Nice music, nice but paltry lyrics, and a great video. I wonder if you like the short film as much as I do. It is no comedy, but it is definitely romantic.

  5. I hope your networking goes well – probably the anticipation of it is worse and once you get there, you’ll have a good time.

    The short sounds as if it is moving along – I’m glad you’ll be doing more.

    Could you post a pic of your red business cards? I bet they are cool! Lytton just wrote a post and is wearing his snazzy scarf in a pic.

  6. I’m sad about Heath too. I’ve been a huge fan ever since his aussie soap Sweat, and I liked most of his movies a lot allthough the Brothers Grimm was even beyond me. Can’t believe his parents had to find out on the news that he died :o(((

    So how did your evening go Ingrid ? Meet anyone interesting ?

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