Pencast: Love. Life.

(Due to the lack of internet: a handwritten post again. Here is the disadvantage of writing on paper: You can’t edit it. I would like to now, but there you go, the uncensored and unedited and straight from the heart version.

Written yesterday on the steps near Pall Mall, the flower photo is taken yesterday too, in St. James Park.

9 thoughts to “Pencast: Love. Life.”

  1. Oooh, I love the crocusjes, (don`t know the name in english), sorry.In my garden they are blooming too, in yellow and also the sneeuwklokjes , I try to look them out of the ground ;-) I love this time of year just like you, enjoy every moment of it if you can ;o-)) you don`t need a umbrella !!

  2. According to wikipedia – they are called Crocus in English too.

    Sneeuwklokje is called Snowdrop in English, which is a beautiful name if you ask me :-)

  3. I don’t see why you’d want to edit the paper post, I like it just the way it is (and your handwriting is very nice and clear too)!

    The crocus photo is also gorgeous!

  4. The flowers brought a smile to my face. We’ve got yellow crocusses (don’t know the word in plural) in our front garden but I like the purple ones a lot better :)

  5. Thank you, Ingrid, for posting the photograph of the flowers. It’s heartwarming – in the midst of -37c temperatures, a burst of colour helps. Your handwriting is beautiful and your words inspiring.

  6. Handwritten posts are cool.
    I saw nic yellow daffodills in the town where I live. It’s strange, but nice. Just one of the benefits of global warming, I guess?

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