Dreaming with a broken heart

Dreaming with a broken heart

I feel mean. In my script I have to break up two people and while the woman doesn’t truly love the man she is with, he has been kind and true and he really loves her. What did he do to deserve this? Nothing really. Life just can be cruel sometimes.

But it results in beautiful songs like these.

(Still no internet at home, hence the short post. Lucky you. DIRL: 9.)

2 thoughts to “Dreaming with a broken heart”

  1. What a beautiful song. And yes, sadly, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. It may seem unfair but it’s life and hopefully you can learn something from it – whatever that may be :)

    and to answer your question: it’s just some sleazy hotel on Belgrave Road. We figured “hey, we’re only going to sleep there” so we don’t really care what it looks like.

  2. Oh that is sad. But true, the song is beautiful. DIRL:8 – keep up the good work!! I hope your internet gets fixed soon – it’s irritating that the repair people haven’t been there yet.

    I am getting worried about the parcel I sent to it. It should have arrived by now. It was only supposed to take about 10 days – it was sent air mail. Could you let me know it it arrives?

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