Oh those actors how irresistable they are

TKTS New York and the man I really want to seeTKTS New York and the man I really want to see (no I didn’t manipulate this picture)

I really was planning on living low budget the next couple of weeks. To save up for a holiday maybe but how can I resist the tempation of watching people like Judi Dench, Derek Jacobi, Ken Stott and Ralph Fiennes on stage?

It would help tremendously if they would be in the same play, but they are not. So I am broke now but at least I have something to look forward to – even when 2 of those plays are performed in 2009!

Should you be in London, or come to London and be interested in theatre, here are my tips:

  • God of Carnage with a cast including Ralph Fiennes and Ken Stott

    I find Ralph Fiennes an endlessly fascinating actor. He is extraordinary both The English Patient and not the least in The Constant Gardener.

    And Ken Stott, well he was in The Girl in the Cafe, which is reason enough to go and watch him, but long before that I noticed him in Rebus and The Vice. He is a great actor, with a lovely Scottish (if I am not mistaken) accent. He starred (surprisingly!) in Charlie Wilson’s War too.

    I look forward to see those two men on one stage.

  • Twelfth Night which stars Derek Jacobi is a rom-com by Shakespeare. I admit that I am not too big a Shakespeare fan but I do like rom-coms, and I have always admired Derek Jacobi. Great screen actor who blew me away when I saw him live on stage in the Royal Albert Hall. The 15th of January, 2009 – I have to wait that long to see him.
  • Madame de Sade which stars Judi Dench. I don’t even know what the story is about, I’ll find out by the time, but watching Judi Dench is under any circumstances something that I have had high on my wish list for quite a while. I look forward to it, the 9th of April 2009, she is worth the wait, I am sure.

The Donmar is doing more West End plays, with Jude Law (if you are into him, he does Hamlet) and Ivanov with Kenneth Brannagh. Ticket sales has started.

My next theatre visit will be on the 14th of February where I will watch one of my absolute favourite actors in the Old Vic: Kevin Spacey in Speed the Plow. It is the third play I’ll see with him and he is always a joy to watch. Spacey is passion on stage.

I am blessed to live in London, having the chance to watch all those amazing people.

4 thoughts to “Oh those actors how irresistable they are”

  1. Yes there is so much good stuff coming up in London. Shame I am skint! Actually I have quite a few theatre vouchers but I really need to come up and use them in the flesh as they are difficult to use on-line etc.
    I’ve got tix for Speed the Plow on the 21st as I share your Spaceydom.
    I love Ken Stott, if you ever get the chance to see Taking Over the Asylum which was a BBC serial some years back then watch it!

    BTW: Bill alert!! The new Radio Times lists one of his first radio plays as being re-broadcast next week (Friday I think) plus a nice Billl picture.
    Like you having seen Derek Jacobi at the Albert Hall I’d love to see him on stage too.

  2. @Sue – if you want me to exchange your vouchers for specific tickets, I can help you with that and just exchange them for the ticks at the theatre. No problem at all, really – just send me a mail and we’ll figure something out!

    And thank you for the Bill alert! It’s very quiet on the Bill front, so anything that has anything to do with him is welcome. I have heard that radioplay before I think (if it’s Enquiry which will be send on Saturday) but will check the Radiotimes for more Billiciousness, just in case :-) Thanks for tipping me!

    Will have to go and see Sweeney Todd this weekend.

  3. (Well, I absolutely agree with you about Ralph Fiennes… “endlessly fascinating” is undoubtedly a very good description ;) )

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