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  1. You just have to keep your eyes open.
  2. It’s the first of February and I find myself hugely enjoying a milky way tea while listening to a Christmas song (no you don’t have to guess which one, we all know).
  3. I managed to start early today (9am) which means I can go early today too.
  4. I gave Dan a kiss on the cheek yesterday (the film has been taken off the cinema program now), we won’t be hanging out for a while so I ordered the cleverly written script of the film and will be eagerly waiting for the DVD. I have dated Dan 10 times, and every single one of them was good. I wish Dan all the best, and promise to Be Prepared To Be Surprised. Where to find real boyfriends like that?
  5. Well there is this incredibly cute guy working in the office opposite us. Don’t worry I am too Lawrence to do anything at all and he’s probably married with children.
  6. I have the title, I have several tag lines (lines to put on the poster), and I have digged out the theme more or less – for my script. I also have a headache and a major struggle with it. I think it all leads back to the fact that it is not a good idea to make a short film, write a feature script and do a full time job at the same time. I think my brain burned down a couple of days ago, and I am not sure I can do a proper rewrite for my last weekend in screen writing class. This is not a major disaster – Sam does private sessions too, so I will continue to work on my script as long as it needs to be working on.

    Another problem I have with this script – I am so attached to it, I can’t stand the idea of other people making the film (if that is ever going to happen) without being involved. The thought of them casting the wrong actors for the roles is, at this moment, unbearable.

  7. And as a last, I think my next destination for a holiday is going to be the Isle of Man (it’s the island located in the Irish sea between the UK and Ireland). It seems like the perfect replacement for Bornholm to me, I love being on an island (I live on one!), and it might also be a good place to practise “driving on the other side of the road”. A return flight from London is about £100 and there are loads of lovely B&B’s where you can stay relatively cheap. And there is sea and beach and lighthouses, basically: it sounds like heaven. And like a perfect place to write.

    Another reason why I want to go there is because I have chosen it as a location in my script. The Isle of Man is a popular film location, a lot of films get shot there, among them being Billicious productions like Lawless Heart, Stormbreaker and I capture the castle. So the perfect location for a break and for someone who is interested in films.

  8. I wish you a good weekend.

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  1. No not this weekend! I have no time for holiday at the moment :-) I hope in March or April and then I want to go for a week,

  2. I’ve just seen the first 15 minutes of DIRL and I have to say (tough I’m a guy) I think I might like it. Especially the scene in which Dan spots his daughter with a boy and he bangs on the window was quit funny.
    And in the bookshop when Marie asks him if he could help and he says yes even he doesn’t work there.
    Me and my wife are thinking about our next holiday also. I guess it’s going to be an island in the North Sea, but I don’t tell you which one(s).
    Have a great weekend. We will surely have one, because it’s carnaval, so I guess we have to leave the country to avoid it.

  3. I really don’t want to think about how you could have watched the first 15 minutes. The film is not out on DVD yet …

    On the other hand – the film is brilliant and I am fairly sure you will like it!

    If I could ever write a script as good as that – my life will be complete.

    Enjoy your weekend away from the madness (am I glad to no longer have to escape that – it’s great to be permantlt far away from anything coming close to carnaval).

  4. The film was in the cinema, you know…
    And there was a guy with a camera, and then there was the Internet…
    You just fill in the blanks.

    Someting in your story tells me you don’t like carnaval either.

  5. Well I figured that you know, and it’s the worst thing to tell people who are dreaming of making a film themselves!

    You should see it in the cinema you know , a proper non shaky copy with a great soundtrack, take your wife with you, buy a coke and some popcorn and enjoy a nice night out.

    I hate carnaval – every single aspect of it.

  6. As a guy I want to know if it’s a decent ‘chick flick’ to watch (as a guy). And if it’s posted on the I-net, why not? If a film is good (or better) then I will go see it on the big screen (and even buy it when it’s on DVD).
    I have to wait until april to see it in the cinema, but don’t you worry. I will go and see it. My wife will come with me and we just have water, because cola makes us burb.
    The soundtrack is great too. It’s very laid back.

  7. You are funny :-)

    I apologize – I didn’t mean to attack you sorry. I know you can download everything from the i-net, and I won’t answer the “why not”.

    Let me just say that I think that you should see a movie in a cinema, but I am very aware that a lot of people just don’t. Happy to read that you have plans to do so.

  8. Isle of Man, huh? You are a permanent spring of good ideas… :) The way you describe it makes it sound like the kind of place I would like as well – thanks for the tip!

    Have a good weekend too!!

  9. Finally, I can find some sympathy here..I have been forced to agree to celebrate Carnaval tonight. At a partytent in a little village of all places…My newly single girlfriend didn’t dare go alone with the guy she likes and his friends. I hate it !!!
    Can’t I just come with you to the Isle of Man ? Please ?? I wish I was at my other home in Henne DK right now. Could do with some long walks at the beach…

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