Yo ho yo ho

You owe me your soul…

When you are reading this, we are in the cinema.

And we are watching, are you ready for this: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

And I can hear you think: What?? No!

No! No! NO! NO!! This can’t be true. Not that film again. You have seen it 15 times in the cinema already. You got the DVD! I thought we were passed this!

Yeah, well I am kind of not.

So when I told Davy that:

  1. I was going to miss Dan
  2. work on our short film is such a major struggle and we are so tired and lots of things go wrong and we have spend so much time on it and we are close to give up but we don’t (this is all true, I might write a long post about this at some point but for now – we are really struggling)
  3. I miss Bill
  4. my short-film partner fancies captain Jack Sparrow
  5. I never get enough of this movie
  6. we had run out of fortune cookies

Davy said: OK.
Checked if I fancied Captain Jack too.
No way I said, you are the one.

And he said OK.
Tomorrow 10.30am in the Cineworld on Shaftesbury Avenue. One more time then. Be there.

And I said really?
And Davy said: Really.

And I said wow. You are one powerful pirate.
And he raised his left eyebrow like only he can and smiled.
And I am sure that after we have indulged ourselves in pirates for about 3 hours and after we have stocked up fortune cookies (which we buy in Chinatown – and things started to go seriously wrong after we ate our last one – this is a true story too!) things with the 60 seconds short (cross your fingers for us, I know I do) will be fine.

Because how can they not.

7 thoughts to “Yo ho yo ho”

  1. Wait a minute: your short-film partner fancies captain Jack. You mean Torchwood’s Captain Jack? I can’t say I fancy him, but I think he’s quite a character. I tought series 1 was great, but now he’s (sort of) out of the closet, series 2 is so much better. I can’t wait till it’s wednesday again.

  2. @Pedro – think again. This post is about Pirates. Which Captain Jack do you think I meant! :-)

    We saw the film again and it was absolutely fantastic :-)

  3. When you love a film, there is no substitute for seeing it on the big screen. I once went to see a film three times – “Julia”, based on the autobiographical “Pentimento” by Lillian Hellman. It was a mesmerising film with fine central performances by Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Robards, but 16 times is amazing…..

  4. I’m sorry, I just HAVE to comment on Pedro : I was sooo shocked that MY hero James Marsters was snogging ‘Captain Jack’. I don’t mind men snogging, but that was MY guy ;o))))
    I hope you loved it just as much as the first time Ingrid. I think the soundtrack has been played at least 10.000 times in my car/house/garden now and we still love it.
    I still love Orlando most though (I know I’m sad…) whatever happened last summer when you were supposed to see the play he was in. Was it that bad or did you cancel plans ?

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