Lap men

Dan on my lap

Sometimes I just love Amazon. Just when my heart was about to ache for more Dan, this book dropped in the mailbox. And it is such a great read, especially when you have seen the film as many times as I have. It is a lot of fun to read but it is also excellent screen writing study material.

I’ll have Dan on my lap in the tube, and Billy on my lap when at home.

I think I am covered on the men front.

And in case you were wondering, that white package in the right top corner? I know you are dying to know what’s in there. It’s not drugs I can tell you, not the type of drugs you can get on the streets anyway. It’s another kind of drugs. I’ll tell you what kind of in a couple of days.

I am seriously hungry for pancakes now.

6 thoughts to “Lap men”

  1. You definitely have all your bases covered. DIRLis a perfect lap companion – you are one lucky woman! I bet that is maple syrup too … not of the fake kind.

  2. The white package: A number of scripts, neatly printed and copied to be sent out to your test readers.

    I hope you did enjoy your pancakes.

  3. Ooh, guess what! They’re showing DIRL here from April 17th! I’m so excited to watch it after reading your praise for the last few weeks (months, perhaps ;))

  4. @Zazz – I never made it to the pancakes unfortunately. And I got the hint about the scripts – unfortunately (again) – I am not that far yet, but I am nearly there! So hang on! :)

  5. I didn’t mean to give a subtle (or broad) hint. It was just a random shot. I am currently busy reading three detective stories by Theodor Kallifatides. And there are more books on my bedside table waiting to be read… :) Enjoy your weekend!

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