Son of Rambow

Son of Rambow

No I haven’t seen it yet, but honestly how can a film fail when you have casted fantastic actors like these. I will be very surprised if this is not going to be one of my favourite films of 2008.

Tonight I will attend a preview of it with a Q&A with director Garth Jennings after the film. Garth Jennings is one of my director heroes as he is the man who directed The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and yes I happen to like that film a lot. And not only because of the excellent casting of Slartibartfast.

I have been banging my head for forgetting to take my copy of The Guide with me today. It would have been awesome to have his signature beside the one from Slartibartfast. I might have a go at buying a copy in my lunch time here in Notting Hill.

Son of Rambow trailer
Official site

I have seen some more films recently, and you can find them here. There haven’t been any great ones since Juno.

I know it is kind of on the low site, the writing here, but honestly there is not that much to write about. I guess today’s horoscope (do I believe that crap? No! But sometimes they are just very accurate) is very true:

You’re not sorry to be seeing the back of March. You’ve got a nagging feeling that you haven’t done your best this last month. You’re right. But you know you’ll do better in April. Think ahead, positively.

So I picked up my script yesterday, felt completely alienated from it, but will put my teeth back in it and finish it. There.


In case you were wondering about the silence, I am currently floored by a bug. Bugger.

I have been ordered to live on a diet of dry crackers and water. (not sexy)
And to watch as much Bill films as possible. (very sexy)

Seeing as how exhausted I was to walk the 2 minutes walk to the doctor this morning, I will remain home for a day or two.
Until I am able to eat other things than crackers.
Or until I get tired of watching Bill movies.
The latter being pretty impossiBILL.

I will return here when I feel a bit better. I might sound like I haven’t lost my sense of humour yet, but I can tell you that it has been a close call this weekend. It is no fun really this bug and I hope those Blue/Orange pills will kick its butt out of my body. Rather sooner than later.


Art class

When I walked to the toilet yesterday I passed a woman at the shared washing up sink. She was cleaning brushes. Not just a few of them, loads of them. A closer look revealed that she had a small cart filled with glasses with brushes, and palettes filled with paint. I walked on.

But then my brain started working and it said to me:
Scene 25

Oh! Wait a minute!

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If inspiration hits you, don’t go home



So while you surely are at home, having a nice dinner, enjoying the weekend – I am still at the office. I am the only person in the office. And I am not working, not on work work anyway.

But I found a new song today, I am going to write a bit more about that at some point, because it is a nice story in itself, and that song made me pick up my pencil.
At last, I hear you think.
Yes at last.
I found 2 loudspeakers which I plugged into my (RED) iPod so there is great music.
I have Yorkshire Tea The Milky Way.
I have a pack with 4 3 Twix bars.
I have my Cookie script.
I have Bill keeping a weather eye on the horizon, making sure I am not going into too deep waters just yet. Or eat too many Twix bars.
I have a pencil and paper, and most importantly – I have inspiration.

I don’t know how long I am going to stay here, drawing, but it might take a while. This is good. And – where would we be without music to inspire us.

May you have a great weekend.
Don’t feel sorry for me sitting here, the kick of inspiration hitting you like lightning is nearly as good as, erhm, you know what. Really.


City of Westminster

Penalty Charge Notice Number: P549VNY
Vehicle Registration Number: PS42VNY

This vehicle was seen at location:
Marsham Street (SW1)
at 12:12 on 06/03/2008

Parking Attendant WS5549 had reasonable cause to believe that the following contravention of the parking regulations had occurred:

Code 01 Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours.

I am about to print a stack of storyboard templates and will start thinking about how I want to shoot Cookie and visualize it on paper. I will post some of them here, in order to keep myself focused, and to prove that I am seriously working on it. Just in case you were wondering if I had listened to all your advice at all. I have.

Everybody I talk to seems to be telling me that I can do it.
Even the second coolest man on the planet did, in an email.

I am standing on the edge of the springboard …
it’s a long way down.

Long legs and voiciliciousness obsession

Talk to me

Today is a good day. They (at work) know about my obsession with voices and they let me take care of the work with a voice over artist for a project I am currently working on.

So after I made some recommendations of which voice I thought would be suitable, it’s a trip to the sound studio today to record it.

This, for me, is one of the most fun parts of my current job because:

I get out of office.
I get to meet and work with actors with wonderful voices.
I get to listen to them in the sound studio while they read the script and the sound in the sound studio is like no other.
And best: I get the chance to exercise my directing skills (because also voice over artists need direction).

Indulgence on high level.

Talking about indulgence, it is a bit embarrassing that this website comes up as number one on Google when searching for:

how long are jeff goldblum legs

Because I am really not obsessed with long legs.

OK I am.

But not Jeff Goldblum’s!

The Space in between

Tea in The Cafe
I wish I was there

The move from insanely busy without having a life to insanely quiet with having a life seems to big for me. I am not quite sure where I am at the moment, lost somewhere in the space in between. Result: short posts.

Am still working hard on finishing another draft of my feature script and enjoy the new Billy Mac(k) lots in that process.

And Sony has told us that they are going to show Persuaded on a 10 meter large screen. Which is kind of cool.

I need someone to give me a decent kick in the **** to get me started on producing my 10 minute Cookie film. Any volunteers? I am so chicken shit about it.