The Space in between

Tea in The Cafe
I wish I was there

The move from insanely busy without having a life to insanely quiet with having a life seems to big for me. I am not quite sure where I am at the moment, lost somewhere in the space in between. Result: short posts.

Am still working hard on finishing another draft of my feature script and enjoy the new Billy Mac(k) lots in that process.

And Sony has told us that they are going to show Persuaded on a 10 meter large screen. Which is kind of cool.

I need someone to give me a decent kick in the **** to get me started on producing my 10 minute Cookie film. Any volunteers? I am so chicken shit about it.

7 thoughts to “The Space in between”

  1. Volunteer has arrived. I guess I’m not fully in the know here, but I do envy the concept of being able to shift to an ‘insanely quite life’ .. I know I wouldn’t pass that up & I’d use the time wisely (ie; productively) .. as a side note: Cookies go well with Milkshake (& coffee of course).

  2. Okay. You asked us to comment on your ‘Cookie’ film. We’ve taken our (free) time to answer your questions and now you tell us that you’re afraid to start the production. What kind of attitude is that. It’s that I’m not living in London otherwise I would stop by and deliver the **** myself. And it wouldn’t be in a nice cardboard box with a pink ribbon around it.
    …Something like that…?

  3. @_ram-jaane: oh I am using the time wisely, too wisely maybe, as I can’t seem to take a break from writing.

    @Pedro: oh shit! You are so right you know. And to add to that, there are also about 10 extras trembling to be extras in it, since about last September! I am such a chicken!!! I am going to try to get myself together…

  4. I’m not very good at delivering *****, so I’ll opt for a different approach and tell you two things I am absolutely positive about:
    – You can do it.
    – You will do it really well.

    Ah, and happy (belated) second London-anniversary!! :)

  5. Didn’t you tell us that the male actor in “Persuaded” was interested in playing the male character in the cookie film? Why not start with him? Ask when he’s free. Cast your female character (if you haven’t done so already) and make a time schedule. Then send out the fund raising letters (don’t forget to mention your cooperation with Sony). And when the money starts flowing there will be no more excuses.

  6. First of all, that’s really great news about Persuaded.

    And, second, you’ll do your ten minute Cookie — I can tell you’re getting yourself revved up for it.


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