If inspiration hits you, don’t go home



So while you surely are at home, having a nice dinner, enjoying the weekend – I am still at the office. I am the only person in the office. And I am not working, not on work work anyway.

But I found a new song today, I am going to write a bit more about that at some point, because it is a nice story in itself, and that song made me pick up my pencil.
At last, I hear you think.
Yes at last.
I found 2 loudspeakers which I plugged into my (RED) iPod so there is great music.
I have Yorkshire Tea The Milky Way.
I have a pack with 4 3 Twix bars.
I have my Cookie script.
I have Bill keeping a weather eye on the horizon, making sure I am not going into too deep waters just yet. Or eat too many Twix bars.
I have a pencil and paper, and most importantly – I have inspiration.

I don’t know how long I am going to stay here, drawing, but it might take a while. This is good. And – where would we be without music to inspire us.

May you have a great weekend.
Don’t feel sorry for me sitting here, the kick of inspiration hitting you like lightning is nearly as good as, erhm, you know what. Really.

5 thoughts to “If inspiration hits you, don’t go home”

  1. Nice one. I’m off to sleep early today (9pm), because I haven’t written anything in weeks the plan is to hit the cafe tomorrow morning (9am) force out 10 pages at a bare minimum – no matter what. You’re too right about the music .. we’d all be lost without it. ( not in a good way).

  2. Wow! That’s great news. I hope inspiration will stay for a while and you’ll be happy with the progress. (I must admit: I am a bit curious about the song.)

  3. I have done 21 scenes out of 27, so it’s going the right way. A lot of work though!

    The song – I am pretty sure none of you know it. And I don’t think you will buy it grigorisgirl :) I’ll get back to it later, just so you can save up some money, in case you want to buy it anyway.

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