A Chelsea Walk

I am recovered from the frantic couple of weeks I had. After spending nearly all day story boarding yesterday, today I picked up my camera (it has been too long!) and took it for a walk. A walk from my home to Chelsea along the Thames Path has long been on my list of things to do, and today was the day.

The weather was a bit unstable, the first half was sunny, but halfway it started raining – quite seriously. But after my mother send me a red Senz umbrella
I take rain with an even bigger smile than I already did.

Their tagline is a brilliant one: “Rain is liquid sunshine”.
How can you not like rain if you look at it like that.

Three of todays photos (click thumbs for the large versions):

I met Cyberman in Pimlico Gardens, a very weird statue indeed. The rest of his body was naked, so I wondered why he bothered to wear the helmet at all. Maybe he didn’t want to be recognized?

The Red Phonebox was too tempting, I still love those phoneboxes and the red letter boxes too by the way. And with Batttersea Powerstation in the background, it was a picture I had to take.

And the last one shows you what nice things rain can do for you. Because now it looks like the Pharao figure in the middle is crying. Isn’t that beautiful? She also has a raindrop on her chin. She is situated on a bench along the Chelsea Embankment, in case you want to visit her.

CybermanPhonebox Battersea PowerstationCrying

I walked onto the Albert Bridge, and as the rain didn’t want to stop, from there into the cinema in Chelsea where I saw Vantage Point (don’t bother). Walked a bit further onto Fulham, had a bite to eat, made some more changes to my story board, wrote a post titled “5 reasons why you should story board your short” which I will post tomorrow, had a cup of tea and went into Fulham Cinema to see The Other Boleyn Girl.

Which wasn’t a bad film, and Scarlett Johansson is fantastic (as always). But why do they make a film about a part of the English history without any Brit actors in the lead roles. It is very weird to see all those Americans struggle to talk proper English.

Oh, there is a new film with Kevin Spacey coming out soon (YAY!), and one of my most anticipated films is The Son of Rambow (from the team of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

4 thoughts to “A Chelsea Walk”

  1. > But why do they make a film about a part of the English history without any Brit actors in the lead roles.

    ’Cos they got Scarlett Johansen and Natalie Portman. Once you got those gals, you’re done.

  2. Well I really like Scarlett Johanson, not too sure about Portman, and then Eric Bana as an English King? It all seems a bit too Hollywoody to me!

  3. My son just came in and saw the Battersea photo and said “What a great photo!” All brilliant as usual. I must admit that having seen the Boleyn trailer I’m not filled with enthusiasm. Eric Bana as Henry the VIII??? Scarlett is always worth a look though.
    BTW I’m thinking of trying that photography course you went on last yeae, would you recommend it?

  4. @grigorisgirl: yes I can really recommend that course, it will change your way of taking pictures, I never went back to automatic settings after that.

    It’s not cheap but really worth it, esp. because you have to bring your own camera to the course, and you have to take pics in that weekend which will be discussed in class. Go for it, you won’t regret it. It’s also fun! :)

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