Art class

When I walked to the toilet yesterday I passed a woman at the shared washing up sink. She was cleaning brushes. Not just a few of them, loads of them. A closer look revealed that she had a small cart filled with glasses with brushes, and palettes filled with paint. I walked on.

But then my brain started working and it said to me:
Scene 25

Oh! Wait a minute!

I walked back.
And I asked her if there was an art school in our building.
And she said no, but she led an art class every Saturday in one of the shared spaces in our building.
You mean a class filled with easels and paint and brushes where people paint?
And she said yes.
And I said, well, that’s very interesting.
And she said – would you like to join the class?
And I said – erhm no – but I am working on this short film, and the final scenes, the crucial scenes, the scenes where they finally meet and where it all falls into place … (I can’t stop rambling when I talk about my film you see) – those scenes …
Yes? she said.
Those scenes take place in an art class.
She smiled.
So – I was wondering – by the time we are ready to shoot it – are you and some of your students willing to stage in some scenes of my film. We need some people painting, we need paint and canvasses and basically we need your art class.
And she said – here is my phone number – contact me by the time you are ready and we’ll figure it out.

Ladies and gentlemen – we have an art class with students!

I am a true believer of the “things happen for a reason” philosophy and I think someone is trying to tell me that it is time to go and make this film.

There are lots more hurdles to take:
I need a dog!
I need a bookshop (I have my eye on one, will visit them one of these days)
I need a supermarket
I need to cast the 2 lead actors
I need to find a small Eros/Amor statue

And I need to do a lot more.

One step at the time baby …


  1. Yay, go Ingrid! It’s all falling into place, isn’t it? (Well, most of it.) I would let you borrow my dog(s) if only they weren’t so far way. What kind of dog are you looking for anyway? :)

  2. Brilliant :) Talk about chance happening when preparation meets opportunity (or something like that)… there you go!

  3. Wauw, this is some of those things that happened to you all the time .THAT`S GREAT !!!! Go for it now ;o-))

  4. Well there are a couple of interesting things here:

    – since when do I dare to speak to people I don’t know at all like this? (oh since my script took over my common sense and kicked my shyness in the butt)

    – I have been in this office for nearly a year and I swear that I have never seen that woman, nor any other people, with painting stuff before

    – I think that generally I am quite aware of the things around me – but I really feel that I am incredibly lucky running into opportunities like this … :)

  5. Really admire you walking back and going with the opportunity. I think people respond well to interest and enthusiasm, so you made it happen for yourself. Well done :)

  6. grigorisgirl, what a lovely dog, looks a lot like my deceased dog Boomer without eyes ;-) don`t you think so Ingrid?

  7. A definite sign you were meant to be doing this film. Lytton would happily star in your film, but he’s no keen on the long travel time : (

  8. And all of a sudden everything starts to take of. A week ago you needed a pep-talk and now the short is starting to take shape. Go girl !

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