Kind of hard to get rid of, this bug. And knowing that it took other people 10 days I am kind of halfway hopefully. Sometimes I think I have beaten it, but it has this annoying habit of coming back. It probably loves me. Thanks for all the good wishes though!

In the mean time my food is as sexy as you can see on the picture (yes dry toast). And really, wanting to be a true Briton, and eating toast regularly, it kind of comes out of my nose now. But it seems to be the only thing I can eat without problems at the moment.

So what do I do all day. Not much. Hanging in my bed. Zapping. Drinking lots of water. Watch Bill films (great to watch both Lucky Break and Blow Dry again, perfect when you are ill in bed). I even checked facebook and saw that I had:

1 event invitation
2 funwall friend requests
11 other requests

The 11 other requests (sorry I ignore them, really not my thing) probably include things like “which planet should you live on” (don’t need facebook for that I already now) and What flower are you. Really you don’t want to know all that. I am actually wondering why I haven’t removed my profile yet.

I did plan to go to work tomorrow, but as they only want to see me in a perfectly fit non contagious state – in which I am not – I will stay home. On Friday I am off to the Netherlands to spend the Easter weekend there. Might leave a short note before then.

And before you start – yes that is a children’s plate. So?
“What age do I prefer to be?”

8 thoughts to “Toasted”

  1. If you need me to send some debugging specialist on site, let me know. I’m in the support business as you know. We have some excellent engineers available, but I’m not sure if they can handle your sexy yet toasted system. Hang in there!!

  2. When you’re in Holland, you maybe can take an egg with your toast. One with a runny yolk. Yummy !
    Love the Snoopy plate.

  3. Halfway there !

    I’m kinda bored with all those requests from Facebook as well. Who knows what type of animal I am and who really cares …

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill! Hope you’ve had a lovely trip to Holland and you’ve beaten the bug for good by now!

  5. I really like the plate! i got one with snoopy myself and i love it and everyone is jealous about it.

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