6 thoughts to “Tube Tragedy II – a true but short story”

  1. I can relate :) Though it is quite a rarity to find people smiling on the tube & straight away people start thinking trouble is afoot when I do, but that maybe coz of my crooked evil smile .. *shrugs*

    btw .. could you count me in for audition for the cookie philum plz? :)

  2. @ _ram-jaane: :) Regarding the audition – if you look like and are as good as Bill Nighy – then please come along to the audition :)

    The character I am casting is actually in his mid fifties, so I guess a tad too old for you!

  3. Are you sure he wasn’t smiling at you and smiling about a funny recording.
    As long as he was smiling it’s okay. There’s no fun in watching depressed looking people.

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