Be careful London

Be careful London

I have had this plan for a very long time, and I don’t know why it took me this long. Next Saturday at 9.30am (blimey that’s early!) I would keep away from anywhere close to Pimlico if I were you.

I have had my driving license since I was 18 (that was in another century!) and have driven many miles. But I am going to take 2-3 lessons just to see how I, as a non Briton, am going to react to the fact that:

a. the steering wheel and gear stick will be on the other side of the car
b. traffic will be coming from the other side too

It seems the most safe option to do this is accompanied by a driving instructor. If all goes well, and if I actually survive driving around in London (which I have no intention of doing a lot of after this by the way) I will go and explore certain parts of the country. It is about time, the UK has such incredible places to visit. Actually, I have just booked a holiday to one of them.

If you are wondering where all those drawings come from all of a sudden, well I bought this book, and now I am kind of hooked on drawing. It might go away again, but right now I am in the middle of it. Can recommend the book if you (like me) like to draw but think you have no talent . It is very inspiring.

7 thoughts to “Be careful London”

  1. Nice to see the girl is sitting on the correct side of the car, that’s a good start!
    My 17 year old son has his driving test tomorrow afternoon so please send positive vibes as I won’t be able to handle the “angst” if he fails.
    That book looks pretty good. I keep meaning to draw more but usually give up after five minutes.

  2. Driving a car through London? That sounds like driving a car on the Champs Elysees. I wish you a safe journey :).
    Remember to pay your Congestion Charge!

  3. @grigorisgirl: I’ll send positive vibes :)

    @Pedro: Congestion charge :) Well – no congestion charge in the weekend in London, so that’s lucky. And I have to admit that it is a bit daunting indeed, driving a car through London esp. seeing as I live around the corner of Westminster Abbey so it could not be more busy and hectic!

  4. Hey,
    Does “this book” really teaches drawing? Honestly I don’t like to draw, only from time to time. Thanks for recommendations and enjoy your driving.

  5. No this book doesn’t teach you drawing. It teaches you that everyone can draw and no drawings are bad. It is more an inspirational book.

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