Imagine, New York

  • Yes that’s New York. Which I kind of have an ongoing love and longing for. This picture is taken in November 2007, on the same place as this one. It’s peace, rock, passion and imagination in one.
  • George Clooney is in town, now that doesn’t make my heart beat any faster, but I am amazed by the attention he is getting (drinking tea with Gordon and all …). Seems like the whole of London is swooning for him. Come on, he is just an actor.
  • On Sunday however, now that we are with “just” actors, Daniel Craig will be in town too, to promote his new film Flashback of a fool. Now my thoughts on Daniel are quite clear: he has one pair of incredible blue eyes. But I am sure loads of women (and men!) are going to want to see this film with a trailer that is as “revealing” as this one. I will say no more … And ehrm, yes, I want to see the film too. Not because of that scene, but because he is such a great actor. OK, also because of that scene.
  • The sad news, from a Bill perspective, is that the release of Valkyrie has been moved to 2009. That means no Bill films whatsoever in the cinemas this year. Waaah!!

    2009 however will be an amazing year with no less than 4 Bill films coming out! (G-Force, Underworld: Rise of the lycans, Valkyrie and The Boat That Rocked). I can’t wait!

    And for the record – he is not “just” an actor.

  • My script is finished. Wow. Only took me about 2.5 years to write it (from the initial few word – there have been long breaks during that period though), which is kind of shockingly long!

    I am prepared for the gap that will appear in front of me, now that it is (temporarily) off the list of “Things I want to do in my life”. I have enjoyed writing it though. Will it ever be turned into a movie? I couldn’t tell – chances are not high, but where would we be without hope. And imagination.

  • So what’s next? The next script! The story has already formed itself a bit in my head and after a short break I will start writing it. It will be a romance/drama. Still with funny stuff too, of course.
  • I have booked a holiday. I will visit the Isle of Man for a week, starting the 10th of May. I think the Isle of Man is going to be the new Bornholm for me. And if it is half as good as that I will make it a yearly return. Apart from the amazing coast, the wonderful nature, the peacefulness and the fact that it is a small island, it has 5 light houses! Time to dust off my camera I guess.

3 thoughts to “Imagine”

  1. I’m sorry, but I have to take issue with the idea that George Clooney is “just an actor.” I realize Bill does a lot of work for world poverty, but so does George, and in fact he has recently donated personal money to bring clean water to the people of Darfur. Further, the reason he was meeting with Gordon Brown was to bring more attention to the atrocities that are going on in that region of the world.
    George Clooney may be lighthearted at film premieres or showbiz events, but he is one of the leading celebrities, and leading people in general, who have brought serious attention to the war-torn regions of Africa, such as the Sudan, and taken great political measures–including personally addressing the United States Congress–to try and make a difference there and make things better.
    Believe me, I have a lot of respect for Bill Nighy both as an actor, and as a humanitarian, but what you said about Clooney is totally unfair.

  2. @Ella: wow there was passion in your words,

    This was by no means a post about how much of a humanitarian certain actors are, and it certainly wasn’t meant to compare or compete them against each other.

    I am quite aware of the important work George Clooney is doing. I also know he does “lighthearted” films like Oceans 12 in order to get money to make real and important movies like Syriana.

    So it was by no means meant to be a comment on him, but more a comment on the celebrity society we seem to live in at the moment. And this all came about because there wasn’t a news paper in London yesterday where there wasn’t a picture of George surrounded by tons of beautiful women. And trust me, they were not talking important matters like world poverty. I know he did that with Gordon Brown though.

    Hope this clears it up!

  3. George Clooney in town? Is he shopping for a new pig? (..)
    I don’t know what to make of DC. I defenitly didn’t like him as the new Bond, but The Invasion and The Golden Compass were great.
    I’m looking forward to Underworld. I liked the Viktor character.
    Congratulations on finishing the script. I’m looking for something to read, so…

    And now for something completely different: I saw on the news the 6 Masai-warriors who will run the London marathon. How cool is that?

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