God of Carnage – Gielgud theatre – London – review

God of Carnage

Oh this was good, so good …


When I saw that Ken Stott and Ralph Fiennes would be in the same play, I did not hesitate to buy a ticket. But it just would not be fair to praise those two alone, because Tamsin Greig and Janet McTeer were both amazing too, it is a cracking quartet.

God of Carnage
What happens when two sets of parents meet up to deal with the unruly behaviour of their children? A calm and rational debate between grown-ups about the need to teach kids how to behave properly? Or a hysterical night of name-calling, tantrums and tears before bedtime?
Boys will be boys, but the adults are usually worse – much worse.

That’s the synopsis, and believe it or not, it was hilariously funny. And it is also very recognizable, the cracks in both marriages became clearer while the play went on, and years of frustration got out when the alcohol started flowing – you could just watch it all collapse, right in front of you.

It’s not only one of the funniest plays I have ever seen, it’s also one of the best. They are all fantastic performers and the play is a master-class in acting and comic timing.

They were all good, but I was swept off my feet by Ken Stott. I already knew that he is a fantastic actor. Rebus, The Vice and the recent Hancock and Joan – he has been on my radar for several years already. And what joy to be able to watch him on stage now. He does grumpy like no other, but what I like about him is that, no matter what he plays, there is always this twinkle in his eyes.

I can not recommend this play highly enough. Go and see it, I already bought a ticket for a second viewing.

(Last performance scheduled for the 14th of June)

4 thoughts to “God of Carnage – Gielgud theatre – London – review”

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, I can’t wait ’til May to see it. I developed a Ken crush some years back when he was in a BBC series called “Takin’ Over The Asylum” It also starred a young David Tennant and I have just googled it and it comes out on dvd in June so try see it. It’s heartbreaking but funny too.

  2. @Paul : if you think so – then really go see this play. She is really great in it, and very funny too!

    @grigorisgirl: I will check out Takin’ over the asylum. David Tennant in it is just an extra bonus :)

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