Things that can make a Friday

  • An egg/bacon sandwich for breakfast. I know, I am so British sometimes.
  • Good friends. Even when they live 200 miles away. We actually managed to watch Love, Actually together on the telly this week while chatting on MSN, demanding complete radio silence when “he” was in view. Yes we are both 12.
  • The fact that BFI is screening Absolute Hell. Didn’t think I would be able to ever catch that one on the big screen. How cool. And how young he is!
  • The trip to the sea last weekend made me realize that I had to do this more often: trips to the sea. So I googled some good places near the coast (I live on an island after all so there is lots of coast around!) where you can find nice lighthouses and Sunday it will be the beautiful red and white Beachy Head lighthouse in Eastbourne. May the weather be nice.
  • 22 days until departure to the Isle of Man. Five lighthouses!
  • Flashbacks of a fool (Daniel Craig), Happy Go Lucky (Mike Leigh’s new one), In Bruges (duh? yes but Ralph Fiennes) and Street Kings (duh?? yes but Hugh Laurie! I don’t like the hospital bits of House, but I do like House!) are all hitting the cinemas in London this weekend.
  • I don’t know what it is with series built around hospital life, but I happen to like Grey’s Anatomy a lot too. Neither here do I like the hospital scenes!
  • Am currently reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks I had not heard of Sebastian Faulks before a friend recommended and gave this book to me. I love the book and can’t wait to spent more time with it. Another reason why he will be on my radar: he has written Devil may Care, a new Bond novel which will be released on the 28th of May.
  • New on the photoblog: Shells and Under a blood red sky
  • Seeing as you all did so well with the previous one, please add your caption to this picture too (and no this is not turning into a daily thing). Leigh-on-Sea was a dog paradise.

    Here is mine:

    “No I really should not have eaten that. Really not!”

  • Enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts to “Things that can make a Friday”

  1. I’ve seen House a couple of times in France. After that I watched the occasional episode on Dutch TV. I like it and season 1 and 2 are waiting to be watched, but I haven’t got time to watch it. Maybe in the future.

    A Bond novel? Are you into JB, Ingrid? Maybe you can visit the Imperial War Museum. They have a Ian Fleming exhibition with all kinds of props from the movies.

    Caption: “Don’t bother me! I’m sleeping! I will go pick up my poop in a little while!”

  2. @ Pedro: As far as I understood, Ingrid is more into Daniel Craig than into James Bond in general… But maybe I am completely mistaken here?

    The caption (according to my son): I’m bored to death.
    The caption (according to my daughter): How very boring…
    The caption (according to my husband): Sod you.

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