Home and home again

I am off to the Netherlands for a couple of days. My grandfather (94 – and don’t dare to say that that is old because he will tell you he is not) broke his hip recently and my grandmother has had a tough time alone while he was in the hospital so I felt the need to go and visit them.

I will leave London tonight and will be back Monday evening.

I know that updates here are very irregular which is normally not my style. But I seem to struggle a bit with what to write on this weblog recently. I will have a think about that while I am away.

Have a nice weekend!

4 thoughts to “Home and home again”

  1. Sorry to hear about your granddad (94 – impressive!), here’s to a speedy recovery. You’re a good granddaughter for visiting them. Good luck!

  2. Hey hope things went well.

    The blogging / writing thing is something I think we all struggle with for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s not being able to reveal too much, other time’s it’s finding what to write that will interest all.

    I hope you had sometime to think and to get a better balance. My RSS reader and me would miss you around.

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