Getting back on track

Dog in boat, IJsselstein

  • Never before have I been struggling this much to come up with something decent to write here. But in stead of waiting for the right inspiration to strike me, I am now just going to write something just to see if I somehow can get back into the groove.
  • I changed the layout here slightly. It is not exactly done yet, but I’ll give it a go like this for a while.
  • I did have a drivers lesson a week or two ago. And being lucky living around the corner of Parliament Square, and the Big Ben, that was exactly where he took me.

    The busiest traffic in London!

    I have to say that driving on the other side of the road was not really a problem, you just follow the flow of the traffic. Having the steering wheel and gear stick on the other side of the car is a bit more weird though. My biggest issue was to remember that the biggest part of the car now is on the left of me, in stead of on the right, which is really important to remember if you are passing parked cars in a street on the left of you. Don’t drive to close to them!

  • I tried to plan two more lessons this weekend, but seeing as all driver instructors seem to be away this weekend (it’s a bank holiday on Monday) I did not succeed. I hope the Isle of Man is quiet enough for my currrent car driving skills. I am sure it will be fine.
  • The Isle of Man is 10 days from now, and I am really looking forward to it.
  • Greece is the latest country for The Girl in the Cafe on tour, and that brings the number of countries on the list to 24.
  • And no this won’t be turned into a dog blog. There are blogs that are much better at that. But is he cute or what, this dog in a boat.

5 thoughts to “Getting back on track”

  1. How the heck does he pull the starter cord??
    Nice to see you back. Well done on the driving. It is my intention Never to drive in Central London. Am coming up on Saturday afternoon to see Ken and Ralph (by train!)

  2. @grigorisgirl: It is my intention never to drive in Central London either :)
    I hope the Isle of Man is a quiet place to practise!

    And for Saturday, oh you are going to love that play! Ken is fantastic in it.

    I guess you have seen that Alan R. is directing a play in the Donmar theatre in London in the fall? :)

  3. As long as you don’t hit anyone with your car, everything’s okay.

    The dog reminds me of ‘Moose’, the dog in Frasier.

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