10 thoughts to “The Isle of Man – an impression”

  1. I think ‘me and the misses’ have to make a little adjustment in our planned trip to the UK. A small detour to visit ‘The Isle’ looks inevitable.

  2. Absolutely! Another reason to focus on becoming a famous (screen) writer: You could live in a place like that and still earn your life. I am not an envious person, but seeing these pictures, I had voluntarily changed lives with you for a day or two this last week. Anyway, welcome back home.

  3. Ingrid, could you please add a little “to” between “reason” and “focus” in my recent comment… Thanks. ;-)

  4. @Pedro: I can only highly recommend it! Be careful not to go there in the TT weekend though, unless you love motor bikes :)

    @Zazz: It is very (very!!) quiet over there. I have walked on beaches that were literally empty! I am not sure I could survive there all year around, it might be too lonely. But I could certainly survive there a couple of months a year! :)

  5. It looks amazingly beautiful out there ! What is it with deserted beaches, the sound of the sea, the salty air and the clouds in a blue sky that can make one so incredibly happy….

    Keep those pics coming ;o) And welcome home by the way ;o))

  6. I can certainly understand why you want to go back … the Isle of Man looks beautiful … I think those are Pinks…

  7. Hi, I live in the Isle of Man and stumbled across your photos which are great – I’m glad you enjoyed your trip here ; good weather certainly helps when you’re visiting this place, you’ve inspired me to go for a walk now instead of working :-)

  8. @Andy – I am jealous! :) You are right, good weather did help a lot and made everything look even more beautiful. I will definitely return to the island!

    Enjoy your walk!

  9. I’m just another Manxie that has stumbled over your blog and loving the photographs! Really like your blog too.

    Surviving here all year round is easy! It’s not so lonely when you get into the pace of life. There’s always an escape, a little retreat to get away from it all but you’re never too far from a friendly face either.

    TT week next week so not quite the quiet place described at the minute but it’s a nice change for a couple of weeks.

    @Andy – I am jealous too, not sure the boss would take kindly to me leaving for a walk!! You don’t know until you’ve tried though I guess!!

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