The Isle of Man – the isle of incredible beauty

Tea on the Isle of Man

The older man walked up to me for a little chat.
“This is the best view of the island” he said to me.
“I believe you right away” I smiled at him. (and the picture doesn’t truly show it)
“So where are you from?”
“Ah” he said, and he didn’t need to say more, I got what he meant.
“First time here?”
“Yes” I said.
“Definitely not the last time”
“I know that” he smiled.

I know that too.

I am back in London, but I am far from back.

2 thoughts to “The Isle of Man – the isle of incredible beauty”

  1. Absolutely stunning. Hopefully there will be more pictures along soon (I have seen the other post :))

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    I haven’t visited for a bit … the Isle of Man looks beautiful. So does your blog!

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