Full English and driving on the left side

On the left side of the road

I collected lots of Briton points last week on the Isle of Man.
For a whole week I started my day with a full English (breakfast). That in itself is an accomplishment I would say.

A week in a row is also about the limit of what I can handle.
But seriously: I really wonder how this type of breakfast came into existence. Did someone just empty his fridge in a sauce pan and call that a Full English breakfast or what happened?

Apart from the tea or coffee and the orange juice, I got:

A fried egg
A sausage
Baked beans in tomato sauce
A grilled tomato

and with all that – butter and lots of toast. I admit that I dropped the bacon after the first day.
Heavy stuff that. The rest of it, believe it or not, I ate.
The good thing about a Full English though is that it will easily keep you going for a whole day, which was handy sometimes, as the places I went to didn’t exactly have a place to eat nearby.

The second thing that must have given me some credits is the fact that I have been driving a car on the left side of the road for a week without crashing or hitting any sheep. I got a brand new silver coloured Ford Fiesta which was a pleasure to drive and it also had this cool Isle of Man license plate.

I admit that I was pretty nervous when I stepped into the car and the drive from Ronaldsway Airport to Peel was far from a relaxed experience. But it went better when I realized that I just had to kind of align the left side of my car to the white stripes on the middle of the road. That did the trick. I have been driving around a lot and now feel quite comfortable driving on the dark side.

Good thing, as there will, without a doubt, be other trips in the near future.

Bad thing: fuel prices in the UK: £1.14 per liter. That’s €1.43 or $2.23. Which is kind of expensive.

7 thoughts to “Full English and driving on the left side”

  1. That does sound tempting, but after all these full English breakfasts and driving around in a car you must gained at least one stone…?

    € 1,43 per liter? That’s not so bad. The last time I paid € 1,55 (= £1.23) per liter, but I admit it’s still a lot of money.

  2. Yes that fuel is cheaper than it is round here.
    What I want to know is what happened when you drove down a road without a whitline in the middle!!??;)
    I haven’t had a cooked breakfast in ages (probably the last time I stayed in an hotel five years or so ago!). I have a craving now!!

  3. Bravo on the driving! I know from my dad how difficult it is. In Scotland, he once tore off a side-view mirror on a rented car because he got too close to a stone fence.

    And the fuel is just as expensive here, between 10 and 11 kr. – I guess it’s the same in most of Europe.

  4. No Bacon ? That’s the best part !!! Well, for me it is anyway ;o))

    Yesterday they showed a clip from ‘Happy Go Lucky’ on ‘Films en sterren’ where the lead character is getting a driving lesson. It reminded me of you and I was wondering how you were doing ;o) I guess you were doing just fine from the sounds of it…

  5. After a few more weeks of driving on the left you’ll never want to go back to driving on the wrong side of the road again!

  6. If I was you, I would have sneakily asked them to put some black pudding on my breakfast!

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