5 thoughts to “Reasons to visit the Isle of Man – 1”

  1. I love eating local ice-creams at the seaside. If you’re ever on the Isle of Wight try Minghellas (Anthony’s parents)and there used to be a place called Kellys in Cornwall that was delicious too.

  2. @grigorisgirl – those are tips that get penned down in my little book you know :) Had no idea that Anthony’s family was still producing icecream, but Isle of Wight is on my list. And Kelly’s (http://www.kellysofcornwall.co.uk/) does still exist too, clearly Cornwall has to be visited too :)

    @Pedro: this was mango with raspberry ripple, and strawberry with cream :) Let’s not talk about calories, shall we! :)

  3. And I always thought you couldnĀ“t get a decent ice cream in the kingdom of the brits. Perhaps I was wrong after all.

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