Reasons to visit the Isle of Man – II

Isle of Man - pebbles

If the beach is as empty as this (very empty) and the weather is like it was (very sunny) the pebbled beach on the Isle of Man is perfect for pebble play.

And if you are visiting – those masterpieces might still be there! (I made them near the Ayre visitors centre and the Point of Ayre lighthouse)

One thing I always wonder about is: why are there so few shells on the beaches in the UK? Or is it different on other parts of the coast?

7 thoughts to “Reasons to visit the Isle of Man – II”

  1. I bet by the time I’m on ‘The Isle’ someone has changed picture number 3 in ‘A Nose Film’ or ‘Flame Is On’.

  2. I have something with stones; I always collect some from wherever I travel. Seeing this beautiful series, I’m sure that if I would go to the Isle of Man, my backpack would be quite a few kilos heavier on my way home.

  3. I love the whole Isle of Man picture/post series you’re doing. It all looks gorgeous and very serene.

    By the way, I think Pedro means that ‘A Nose Film’ and ‘Flame Is On’ are anagrams of ‘Isle of Man’ (which you’ve spelled out on the left of the middle pictures – a.k.a. “picture number 3”). ;)

  4. We will probably visit the UK in week 30 and 31.
    You don’t get it? I will give you a hint: Anagrams !

  5. @Pedro : well Michelle did mention anagrams but I had not noticed it! Very clever :) And cool titles by the way both are excellent titles for film production companies on the isle :)

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