6 thoughts to “Photo update: Isle of Man and Dover”

  1. Great pictures from ‘The Isle’.
    I guess you’ve tried to bounce some of those pebbles on the water.
    JLS picture is very niec too.

  2. I love them !!! I’d love to have a sleepover at Peel Castle on a stormy night ;o)

    Thanx for the peek at Isle of man !

  3. Nigel would be proud!
    Wonderful. So were you using a polarising filter for some of those? (See how I have picked up the jargon already;) and hope you were getting up early for the light like teech told us!
    Thanks so much for recommending Nigel to me. I used a film camera yesterday so am not able to post mine easily but may scan a couple of them later on my LJ.

  4. Those are some stunning pictures! The Seagull and Winkie are my top favourites. You certainly seem to have a keen eye for good photo moments (I liked the bolts and rust of Dover too)!

  5. Thanks all :)

    @grigorisgirl: No, I don’t have a polarising filter :) But I do have Photoshop! And I nearly always do a bit of post processing on my photos. I know about the quality of light early in the morning (and late afternoon), but getting up early – hey – it was a holiday! :) So most of them are taken in (too) bright light.

    Peel Castle is taken from my hotel window!!

    If anybody goes to IOM, Waldick hotel in Peel is the place to go, get a room on the top floor and watch the waves from your bed! £35,= a night …

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