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Some random stuff, mostly movies related.

  • I saw Indiana Jones last weekend and it was great. Harrisson Ford really doesn’t look bad for a 65 year old, and I like his grin. Glad he didn’t wear his earring though. The film is a nice action-packed rollercoaster ride, just like the old ones were. Yes, recommended.
  • I also saw Cassandra’s Dream, which is Woody Allen’s latest. When did Woody lose his sense of humour? It has all become so dark, Cassandra’s Dream has the same depressing atmosphere as Match Point had. Ewan McGregor, Tom Wilkinson and Colin Farell star.
  • And one for the “did you really watch that” list: I saw What happens in Vegas. Which was not as bad as I thought, but still pretty bad. But on the other hand it has Ashton Kutcher in it. And he is quite funny. And cute. (Losing so much credit now).
  • Sex in the City is exactly what you expect from it. If you like the tv series, go see it. If you can see passed the enormous amount of labels and product placement (there is even an iPhone which Carry finds too difficult to use – doh!) it’s a nice rom-com.
  • When I walked out of my door this morning I walked into a film set. I saw some beautiful 60’s cars and extras were dressed up in clothes from that time. I did not see any famous faces. I asked one of the security guards what film it was. He did not remember the title, but told me that it was a film set in the 60’s about a pirate radio ship. Wow! Not "The Boat That Rocked right? I asked him. Yes, that was the one. Blimey! I looked back, but no luck to find Bill Nighy in my street though. Nor Richard Curtis. This was just a second unit shooting bits for the film with extras onl, the security guard confirmed that. How great would it have been to run into …, well you can’t have it all I guess. But my street is going to be in my most anticipated film of 2009, which is kind of cool!
  • And as a last, another reason to like the Isle of Man. They have the coolest street names …

One thought to “Random bits of movies”

  1. I haven’t seen a Woody film for years yet I used to go see all his films, shame that he seems to have lost the plot these days.
    Very cool to have your street in a special new film. Can’t wait to see that one.
    I’ve never ever watched Sex in the City on TV so don’t think I’ll bother with the film.
    We’ll be showing Indy at work so I shall wait and see it for free.

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