Love – the musical, Lyric theatre Hammersmith – review

LOVE - the musical

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this, but I blindly bought a ticket on the title and poster alone. No regrets about that I can say.

Yesterday I saw Love – the Musical. And how refreshing to watch actors that are passed 60 and I think, without insulting any of them, some of them were passed 70 too. It was clear they enjoyed this play, and it was a huge cast!

The story was sweet:

Neville is approaching eighty and slowly wasting away in an unremarkable care home in a small English town. His life seems to be heading for an end until Margaret arrives. Brought in by her son for a short stay, Margaret is terrified of what will happen to her — until she meets Neville and he suggests they escape for a night out on the town…

There is a lot of singing going on, a lot of modern songs and it was a joy to hear them performed by people of this age.

I heard Blur, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Verve, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and many more.

I laughed and I cried. And was shocked and surprised when the old man with the rollator who seemed to live in his own world most of the time, suddenly started singing too. But mostly I enjoyed watching them, trying not to think too much about where I will be when I am that age.

It reminded my of Awakenings, the wonderful film with Robert de Niro and Robin Williams and I can highly recommend this play.

4 thoughts to “Love – the musical, Lyric theatre Hammersmith – review”

  1. i’ve also watched it, and it is very cute indeed! seeing actors that age perform is amazing enough. LOVE is very amusing. definitely a must see!

  2. Saw Love -The musical last night it was a well received throughly enjoyable piece. The music was great new and old songs about falling in love. Funny and sad with things most people will relate to . Go see !

  3. Went to see “Love” the musical with limited expectations and came away enthralled. It is at once sad and funny but has terrific energy throughout. The eloquent suffering of a silent Alzheimer’s patient is extraodinary; the choir are fabulous; the audience was with the performance all the way and gave a standing ovation. Highly recommend this really unusual theatrical experience! Don’t ask me how a musical about love in an old age home can work – but trust me, it does!

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