Bring on the night

The Police and full supporting Bill

In September 2007 I saw the Police in Twickenham, with a delay of about 25 years. It was a fantastic concert.

My good friend made me aware of the fact that The Police is playing their final ever gig in Hyde Park on the 29th of June. The very last the Police concert? I did manage to both convince her to come along, and to buy tickets for it so on the 29th of June it will be “Every little thing he does is magic” for the very last time live.

Another reason why we wanted to go is because KT Tunstall plays that day too. As does Starsailor, The Bangles and The Stranglers – seems like we get transferred back to the 80’s all day!

But most of all we want to go because there will be a full supporting Bill. We love Bill, we really do!

(More on Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, London)

5 thoughts to “Bring on the night”

  1. I was tempted but Hyde Park is so huge I thought I’d probably be a quarter mile away from the stage plus I really can’t afford too many big concerts at the moment. (Bruce cleaned me out last Friday!)
    Have a singalong for me;)

  2. Yes I read that you have been indulging in Bruce – again! :) I hope we are able to see a little bit in Hyde Park, have never been there for a concert so I have no idea how far away we are going to be! Am sure that with the right weather it will be a chilling day though.
    I will have singalong for you :)

  3. More than € 90,00 for a trip down memory lane? I hope that includes wining and dining with Gordon?

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