Fess up Friday and some random bits

  • I saw this over at Bloglily, and also on The Public, the Private and Everything In Between. And I have decided to join. It’s an idea from the literate kitten and the idea is that you every Friday will have to confess why, in my case that is, I again haven’t done any writing. And if I ever get my act together again to actually go and do some writing – I will use the Fess up Friday to pen down that I did!

    I haven’t picked up a pen (or rather haven’t touched Billy Mac for writing purposes) since I finished my feature script, and that was some months ago.

    It’s not that I don’t know what to write – I do.
    It’s not that I don’t have the time – I do.
    It’s not that I don’t know what to write it on – I do.
    It’s not that I don’t know which cafe to go to to write it – I do.

    Then why is it so hard to get started?

    I am going to try to write a tiny little scene before next Friday, just to get started.

  • I just finished my second Henning Mankell book: Sidetracked. I love his Kurt Wallander books (they are detectives), they are very well written and very clever too. (The BBC is making some of them into a drama series with Kenneth Brannagh playing Wallander, which I think is a good cast)

    I also loved Firewall, which I bought on the Isle of Man for £1.50 in a lovely second hand bookshop in Peel. Both books will now go on to readitswap it. And I have just swapped one of my other books for a third Mankell book which is on its way to London.

  • Planned for the weekend:
    • watching a film: either Gone, Baby gone (Ben Affleck’s drama starring Casey Affleck) or The Waiting room (Brit rom (com)). Will catch the non chosen one later next week.
    • Back to the coast. Again. Southern has this great ticket called the downlander which let you travel through the south east of the UK all day for £12.50. That’s a very good deal. You need to book it 2 days (no more no less) in advance though, and print your own ticket.

      I am currently considering to either go to Bognor Rigis or Littlehampton. If there are any other tips I would love to hear them!

Have a good weekend.

6 thoughts to “Fess up Friday and some random bits”

  1. Mankell rocks and Wallander rocks even more! I’ve read all the books. Once you start it’s almost impossible to stop reading.
    It’s becoming a bit confusing now. I’ve seen Rolf Lassgård and Krister Henriksson as Kurt Wallander and now there will be Kenneth Branagh in the English version. And now Henning has created a kind of spin-off by writing a book (The Return of the Dancing Master) with Stefan Lindman as the main character.

  2. The weird thing is BBC is shooting the new series in Ystad! I totally agree with you, those are great books!

    BBC will shoot Sidetracked, Firewall and One Step Behind. I have only just read Sidetracked and Firewall, but they were unput-downable!

    I have also seen both Rolf Lassgård and Krister Henriksson as Wallander. I loved Krister Henriksson in the swedish Wallander film. I somehow think that Kenneth Brannagh is a good choice, he is a good character actor, and Kurt Wallander certainly has character!

    Well based on your comment, I guess I have to read the rest of the books too :)

  3. Looking at that link I say go to Rye! I haven’t been for years but it was fabulous. It’s seaside port that the sea left behind. Very picturesque.

    Bognor holds a place in my heart as a place we holidayed at as kids and of course famous for George V’s dying words – “Bugger Bognor”

  4. Hi,

    “Meeting” tons of cool writer-bloggers through the ‘Fess-up Friday. Thought I’d comment on yours because I like that you’re a fellow cafe-writer. I don’t know how many Portland, Oregon, coffee houses I’ve spotlighted on my blog — I like to include a few photos — but getting out of the house to write saves me at times!

    I’ll be visiting again, cheers, Lisa

  5. Wallander I loved loved loved. The Swedish tv-films were excellent. Such a shame the girl who played Wallander’s daughter killed herself and they stopped filming.
    They actually killed Stefan Lindman in the tv-series. I guess Mankell is writing a prequel then ;o)

  6. welcome to fess up Friday! I really enjoyed Gone Baby Gone, and I had even read the book, so I consider it quite a triumph for Affleck to turn something I read and loved into a great film.
    Have a lovely trip to the coast!

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