Fess up Friday plus four

  1. OK first the fess up part of this post:

    Well at least I made a postcard! And on this postcard I wrote a couple of words! Does that count?

    I hope so.

    To my defence I can say that at least I have opened the script in Final Draft and looked at it. I didn’t type anything, I looked at it.

    And when I sat in the cinema this week, watching Caramel, I suddenly wasn’t sure that I wanted to write the story I was planning to write. Not right now anyway. I need some more time to think. I want a more happy story.

    So apart from the occasional badly written boring blog post here – it’s not going very well, no …

  2. I have booked a 24 hour trip to Denmark next weekend. I am going to sort out the boxes that are still stored there, and for which I pay way too much money to have them stored. They are nagging in the back of my head constantly. So I am going to be strong and will drive most of it directly to the Red Cross. The last bits that I want to keep I will throw in a bag and bring with me to London. I haven’t seen those boxes for 2 years now, so it’s about time to close that chapter.
  3. I have brought my own lunch to the office for a whole week now. That hasn’t happened for 20 years or so. It takes some extra minutes in the morning but it:
    • saves loads of money, sandwiches are about £2.50, and those are the cheap ones
    • means you don’t have to wait for the sandwich man to come and save you from a rumbling tummy, you can eat whenever you want
    • is more healthy
    • makes you feel 12 all over again. I even bought a lunch box for it.
  4. I saw God of Carnage for a second time yesterday and it was still good, but the first time was better. Need to remember that only very few plays need to be seen twice (Shadowlands) and even fewer (The Vertical Hour and everything else with Bill) as many times as you possibly can.

    One does not really get tired of the twinkle in the eyes of Ken Stott though.

  5. Yes you can send the above card if you like.

5 thoughts to “Fess up Friday plus four”

  1. No! But we are two girls desperately looking for a POTC (or anything else remotely Billicious) lunch box (needs to have Davy Jones on it and yep we never grew up!) So if you spot them somewhere let me know! :)

  2. Last year they sold POTC lunchboxes in Danmark at the (desperately looking for the right alt+ key right now…) Føtex. I can’t remember if Bill was on them though…

  3. The postcard totally counts! The fact that one can actually SEND that postcard to friends totally rocks. You’re an amazing woman, Ingrid.

    Lunch — I’m with you there. I love lunchboxes. (In fact, I have an entire site devoted to lunches, which is a bit weird, I know, but there you have it.)

    Procrastination — it’s just hard. I cannot give advice, but I can tell you that you have things in your head and heart that are marvelous and you’ll get them down on paper, you really will. xoxo, L

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