Bond in 60 seconds

OK, do you remember I worked on a short film this spring? And do you also remember that you still had not seen the result of that hard work?

Well the wait is over!

May I present to you: James Bond in 60 Seconds!

No it does not have Daniel Craig. But it has a villain, a Bond car, explosions, underwater stunt scenes, locations as exotic as Hong Kong and St. Petersburg, speedboats on the Thames, a very handsome James Bond, and all that in 60 seconds!

We made this 60 seconds short for a competition where you had to remake an existing movie in a 60 seconds version.

Fasten your seatbelts and don’t blink – you might miss something.

Ladies and gentleman, find your popcorn and Coke: Bond in 60 Seconds!

10 thoughts to “Bond in 60 seconds”

  1. That was great. JB in a Ford Anglia (?) which he borrowed from Harry Potter. Nice plot twists (I expect you to die…)
    It’s perfect for people like me who haven’t got the time to go to the cinema.

  2. Hey, I saw a familiar face! Very funny, I loved every min..ehmm…second of it :-)

  3. Really like your 007. Can I borrow ??

    I made my own list with 007 favorite songs. That was a load of fun actually, thanks for the heads up !

    The list is at my blog….

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