My weekend, Obsession and some late fessing


It was a pretty rainy weekend in London this weekend so the cinema was the obvious place to hide. I do admit that I spend time in the cinema on sunny days too. But lately my sunny weekends tend to be spend on the coast.

I saw the beautiful The Visitor which I can recommend to anyone who likes a warm and heart felt story without the cliché ending. The main character reminded me of Lawrence.

Bill posters will be prosecuted in Chelsea

I have been taken lots of pictures of Bill Posters already, actually it is turning into a bit of an obsession. But I nearly stumbled over this one on Beaufort street in Chelsea, and so I had to take my camera out. Now before you run off to Beaufort St to check if I am telling the truth, don’t. The sign might no longer be there. Actually I am quite sure it isn’t. How do I know? Well, …

On Sunday it was pissing down again as they say here and so I took the bus back to the Fulham cinema again. I was dreamily looking out of the raindrops filled window when I suddenly drove by this lady:

Bill posters will be prosecuted on Kings Road

An unknown force made me press the button, the bus stopped, I got off and took this picture in the pouring rain. I know, I am insane. And for you men out there, this is not the woman who is going to prosecute you if you would decide to be a Bill poster. Just so you know.

Quantum of Solace film poster
I saw Hancock and it was pretty bad, but we all know that I only saw Hancock because I had heard that they would play the new Bond Quantum of Solace trailer before it. Which is what they did! Daniel Craig in full size! Which was worth having to sit through 2 hours of a bad Will Smith film for.

After the film I did something good. I went back to the cafe and finished the last bits of my storyboard.

Back to work

Don’t ask me why it took me 4 months to get those last 5 scenes done, but it is finished now! I don’t expect anyone to believe that I now actually intend to go and make that short film. But I do, really. I will update this blog with info on it as I go along.

As for the fessing bit: I wrote a scene or two for a new feature film script I am working on. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

So what was your weekend like?

One thought to “My weekend, Obsession and some late fessing”

  1. Hi,
    I have been watching your blog and keep tracking your posts for long time,but this is the my first commment..

    I like your way or writing,the manner of seeing things around,espcially the look of this blog is very soothing..

    Finally,at the end of the blog…I liked the quote “Proudly powered by WordPress, Passion, and a good dose of insanity”.
    Giving detail even to the smaller areas…Hats off!

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