Fess up Friday and 4 more

  • It’s popping up everywhere now, and it is intriguing. Feed your feed (or just a stack of words) into Wordle and see how beautiful words can be. (Unfortunately the page won’t let you save it as an image, but you can save it as PDF and blow it up and put it on a t-shirt. Or something. Actually I might go and do that. Or on moo cards.

    The words above are words from my feed, which means that these are recently written words on this weblog.

  • Let’s get the fessing out of the way then. I have not written anything this week. But I have worked hard and serious and determined on the pre production of my short film. More about that later, but I now know that it will take about 5 days to shoot. Which is a lot!
  • The weekend will again be a coastal one. At 5.30pm I will take the train from Waterloo to Weymouth where I will stay the weekend.

    Tomorrow I will be joined by a good friend and we will go and admire the long legged lanky grooviness of Bill. Portland Bill. We will also play frisbee!

    Extra bonus information: Weymouth is also the location where they have shot a lot of the exterior scenes for The Boat That Rocked.

  • I want an iPhone when it is able to send an MMS. I am actually someone who uses that quite a lot! How can they launch v2 of the iPhone and still not have this function (all other phones can do it!) implemented? I don’t get it.
  • May your weekend be sunny.

9 thoughts to “Fess up Friday and 4 more”

  1. > How can they launch v2 of the iPhone and still not have this function (all other phones can do it!) implemented? I don’t get it.

    I suspect they’ve just had other priorities. MMS is a software feature, and the iPhone’s software is still very new. They added a bunch of business-y features in the latest software update, which will drive a huge number of sales. MMS, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t.

    I reckon it’ll make it into a future software update.

  2. Exactly my point, Ingrid, how can they be so indescribably boneheaded to leave such an everyday feature out? It’s not as if it’s something new. Another thing: how much would it have changed the price if they had stuck in at least a 3 megapixel camera? A couple of Euro’s for a different chip? I’d pay it.
    But I’ll admit it looks nice and the interface is gorgeous. But I’d still prefer a complete feature set.

  3. @pauldwaite: I can’t see what this has to do with priorities – this is standard on all phones. How can they let it out? But as you say – it’s probably about money. It’s still stupid though – you can take a picture but you just can’t send it (OK you can email it, but that’s something else)

    @Edwinek: don’t get me started about the camera indeed!!

    And yes it looks fantastic and I also really want one. But I don’t know when I am going for it yet!!

  4. What’s wrong with a mobile phone without all the gadgets. If I want to take a picture I use my camera. If I want to listen to music, I use my iPod…

    Hmmm, Weymouth sounds great. In about 10 days me and my wife will be in the UK to explore the south. Let’s hope the wetter will be better.

    Have a nice w-end.

  5. The camera would be a big issue for me. That and the fact that you can’t copy and paste between apps and you cant sync the calendar with gcal.

    Not been to Weymouth for years – have fun at the sea..

  6. Hi Ingrid,

    How do you manage to save your wordle as a pdf? All I can achieve is a 12 mB version, do you have a trick to get a bigger one? Thanks.

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