8 thoughts to “What keeps me awake at night”

  1. I’m so excited for you! Do they have places that…rent acting dogs, or will you borrow someone’s?

  2. I have no idea yet! I know there is a dog walking service in London, which might be a good point to start. I only need very few scenes with the dog, but it will be a challenge!

  3. I see you’ve got a director already :)
    To find the locations must be the easiest thing living in London. Okay, the apartments may be a bit more difficult, but hey, a supermarket? That must be a piece of cake. And a park…?
    There’s also no gopher on your list. Who will run for errands and who will get you you’re tea (the mily way)?

  4. There is a gopher – we call that “Runner” :)

    And locations well yes to find them is easy, the hardest part is getting permission to film there. The toughest ones being filming inside a supermarket for an hour and also inside a somewhat large bookshop for one hour. So let’s see what happens.

  5. I’m so happy/proud/excited for you !!! Your head must be working overtime. Don’t let the nerves get in the way; enjoy it, you are working with your wonderful Cookiescript ;o) And I’m very much convinced you’ll do an excellent job !

  6. Dog? A glove puppet would do the job just as well, would need less feeding and would do exactly as you asked (within reason).

  7. Yes, Yes, Yes! Great you are working on your own movie, Ingrid. Wish I could help. I do have a cat….

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