Making a short film: Let the romance begin

Lovers at St. Pancras

I met with a potential assistant yesterday, we got along quite well, so I guess he is the person who will help me not going mental.

We had a talk about the script and I tried to scare him by telling him that

  • there were a lot of locations, that we need to shoot inside a supermarket and a bookshop
  • we need a dog
  • it will be difficult to find actors because I am very picky
  • we have to shoot in a park and therefor need permissions
  • I only want to work with people who are nice and good
  • it was going to be a lot of work
  • there isn’t an enormous amount of money available

Well he didn’t run away. He just said, well that does not sound impossible to me at all.

Which was the right answer.

So right now I need to do the following:

  • Make some sort of budget
  • Book actors for an audition
  • Find the missing locations
  • Contact 2 possible DOPs
  • Contact Sony and get back to them on their offer to lend me a camera
  • Find the rest of the crew

There are some advantages of having a partner on board:
I can’t run away no more.
There is a deadline: we plan our first shooting in the weekend of the 30th of August.

I have every right to be officially stressed now. And prepare for a lot of short film talk the coming time.

Picture of “The Meeting Place” taken at St. Pancras station (see also John Betjeman at St. Pancras). I thought this was quite an appropriate photo for this post, seeing as the film project more or less kicked off there yesterday, and the film will be a romance (with hopefully comedy). It’s a wonderful statue by the way, about 9 meters high, and you can find it in the new St. Pancras international train station.

5 thoughts to “Making a short film: Let the romance begin”

  1. The plot thickens, as it were. And that is one fine statue to arrange meetings at. Good luck with the preparations!

  2. Have a great time working with your new partner and hope you make the short film really great without the pressure doing it.

  3. Aw, I thought this was a new happening. Good heavens, I am the world’s worst navigator — I tried to get to December and ended up in July. Although, come to think of it, I’d love it to be July again! xoxox and see you in the present!

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