Wrong Day Wrong Time

Wrong Day Wrong Time

  • I just took this picture, on my way back to the office after lunch in a posh burger bar on Portobello Road. It struck me how appropriate it was. This is the tape you get taped on your garbage if you happen to put it out on the street on the wrong day: Wrong Day Wrong Time. On this photo it is stuck on a role of carpet.
  • Now why is that appropriate you wonder. Well my short film seem to have hit Wrong Day Wrong Time too. As in it is the middle of the summer and people are on holiday. So in stead of stressing about not being able to find any people, I move it ahead a month. This does not mean nothing is happening, something is:
    • tomorrow I have a coffee with a very experienced producer who will give me some advice
    • on Tuesday I have a coffee with a very experienced camera man and I am going to try to convince him to shoot the film. Not sure I will succeed but it is worth the try!

    Don’t worry I am not giving it up or anything. I am just being practical. And trust me there are some people who have a close eye on me making this film and there is no way I can get out it any more. Not that I want to. I want to make this film and will.

  • It is incredible hot in London at the moment. Too hot for me actually.
  • I hope the weather will be like this next weekend, as I have planned another coast weekend. We will return to Weymouth and visit:

    Chesil Beach
    Lulworth cove
    Durdle Door

    And OK, we also really miss Victor so we will for sure visit him too.

  • I have also planned a week of holiday to the land of the many sheep. I will stay not too far from Coornagillagh (map) That’s in Ireland. I have been told there are lots of sheep, lighthouses, seals and loads of fresh air. More about that later, it will be in September and no I have never been to Ireland before!

    Depending on how the film shooting schedule is going to be, I am currently considering taking some days on the Isle of Man first, take the ferry from there to Ireland and take the train to Cork where I will be picked up for Coornagillagh. I really need to practise on that name!

  • I saw 50 Ways to leave your lover yesterday. What a cracking cast, and despite the fact that in those 50 Ways Love did not conquer, it was a joy to watch. The Bush theatre is probably the smallest theatre I have visited in London, but it was a very nice intimate theatre. (And it was very bearable to be inside despite the 25 degrees heatwave we are having at the moment!) Shepherd’s Bush is an area where I wouldn’t want to walk around at night, but you can get a great pizza there which I ate right beside the drummer of the Dandy Warhols. I know, I know I am such a celeb junkie.

3 thoughts to “Wrong Day Wrong Time”

  1. So they pay someone to go out with a tape and tell people they have put their bin out on the wrongday!!??
    Could only be the Royal Borough!!
    (What if you are going on holiday and leave it out before you go!!)
    You are really sounding like a Brit these days Ingrid! Moaning about the suummer then complaining it’s too hot!!

  2. @grigorisgirl: I sound like a Brit!! Hurrah! :) And mind you I only moan when it gets too hot, I never moan about any other type of weather, have never moaned about the summer either, I even like rain!

    And about the garbage handling in the Royal Borough – honestly I don’t get it either. If they go out with this tape, why can’t they just take the truck and collect it while they are there! :) Weird.

  3. What a coincedence, I also saw the WDWT tape in the streets a few days earlier.

    Good idea taking away the stress by moving everything forward. In a few weeks time everyone is back at work.

    Hot in London? It’s the understatement of the year, I guess. Everyone is talking about it. Every day they told on the breakfast show that it was the hottest day so far.

    Speaking about theatre: we went to the Palace to see Spamalot. I’ve seen my share of musicals, but it was the first comic one. I almost couldn’t stop laughing.

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